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Neighborhood Council Q&A How many councils are there? There are currently nine councils within the City of Great Falls. The charter amendment allows for up to 13 councils to be established. How many members are on each council? The councils are made up of five members each. They are required by ordinance to have a minimum of a chair and an official delegate, however, many have chosen to elect a secretary and vice-chair. How does one become a council member? The members of the council are elected to two-year terms during the city general election. To run for a council seat, one must be eligible to vote in Cascade County, be 18 years of age, and be a resident of the district that one wishes to serve. All of the nine council districts are located within the corporate city limits of Great Falls. The residency requirement continues for the duration of the member's elected term. If a member moves from the district s/he will be required to resign from the council. If a vacancy develops on a council due to the resignation of a member, the remaining members will appoint a new member to serve the remainder of the vacant position. Where do the councils meet? The councils meet once a month at various locations throughout the city. To find out about your Neighborhood Council, call the Neighborhood Council coordinator at (406) 455-8496. Council 1. Everett Hall, Ronald Szabo, Mike Flaherty, David Foscue, Pat M. Goodover II Council 2. Ron Staley, Elizabeth McBride, Tim Croft, Shyla Patera, (one vacant seat). Council 3. Sharron Mashburn, Kathleen Gessaman, Eric Peterson, Joanne Thompson, Sue Dickenson Council 4. Richard Ashely, Nicole Porter, Sandra Guynn, Stephen Loucks, Gregg Matsko Council 5. Tom Kotynski, Patrick Bolton, Eric Ray, Terry Albrecht, Marcia Anderson Council 6. Allison Tangen, Carl Donovan, Jonathan Matson, Harold Stuckman, Hannah Pate Council 7. Trevor Mikkelsen, Andrea Blewett, Lisa Meyers, Sandra Rice, Troy Lane Council 8. Karen Grove, Travis Grove, Johnnie Scott, Michael Brainard, Katherine Caldwell Council 9. Karen Gray, Jeff Lauver, Barney Danishefsky, Scott Miranti, Shannon Wilson 80 Great Falls Area Chamber of Commerce C I T Y S I T E S Neighborhood Councils

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