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How to Become a Montana Resident 9 Great Falls Area Chamber of Commerce Crystal Lake - Photo by Photo Solutions According to the state's website, Montana has different residency requirements for different purposes. Obtaining a Driver's License • For the purposes of obtaining a driver's license, you are considered as having Montana residency after 60 consecutive days and must have a Montana license in order to operate a motor vehicle in the state of Montana. • For a Montana commercial motor vehicle license, the requirement is 30 days. For more information on Montana driver's licensing, see Montana Code Annotated 61-5-103 and the Montana Department of Justice, Motor Vehicle Division Montana Driver Licensing page at Obtaining Fishing and Hunting Licenses • For purposes of fishing and hunting licenses, you are considered a Montana resident after having lived 180 consecutive days in Montana. After establishing Montana residency, you must live in the state of Montana a minimum of 120 days a year. • Your principal home must be located in Montana. • You must file Montana state income tax returns as a resident (if required to file). • Vehicles operated in Montana must be licensed and titled as required by Montana law. • You can be registered to vote only in the state of Montana. • You cannot claim residency in any other state or country for any purpose. • There may be different requirements for members of the U.S. armed forces. For more information, see Montana Codes Annotated 87-2-102 and the Department of Fish, Wildlife & Parks website at Residence Requirements for Higher Education • For purposes of higher education, a student must be domiciled in Montana for one year immediately preceding registration. • Attendance as a full-time student is not sufficient to qualify for residence. For more information, see Montana Code Annotated 20-25-201. For more information about relocating to Montana, see the state's site, N E W C O M E R S

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