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SiG MT 86 TO YOUR HEALTH In physical therapy, we deal with inflamed tissue every day. But before we get down to the niy griy, let's first understand inflammation. In broad terms, inflammation is the body's immune system's response to a problem, like a sports injury, burning your hand, or even fighting a fever. When the immune system receives a signal that something is wrong, it immediately releases chemical warriors, such as histamines and prostaglandins, to protect against intruders while aracting white blood cells and their infection-fighting antibodies to the scene of injury. e resultant swelling –aka inflammation—helps contain the damage, like wrapping a breakable object in bubble wrap. is process plays a crucial role in the healing process. Many of our patients ask why they continue to experience inflammation. One possibility, believe it or not, is the food we eat. Food is a complex substance and because every individual is unique, the reactions to what we eat can cause a mind-blowing array of symptoms in some people while absolutely none in others. Food can affect you mentally, physically, and even make you ill. A lot of our patients experience physical symptoms such as aching muscles and joints, arthritis, headaches, muscle aches/cramps, muscle tremors, muscle weakness, poor balance, restless leg syndrome, sleep disturbances, vertigo, eczema, and weight problems. It doesn't necessarily mean food is TEXT BY DAWN LARSON - PHYSICAL THERAPIST FOOD FOR THOUGHT ON INFLAMMATION

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