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Dawn Milligan has been with Best Friends Animal Hospital for over 13 years. Dawn is a Veterinary Technician with over 30 years experience. She has been the Practice Manager for the last 8 years. Dawn's passion is advocating for all animals. SiG MT 91 Diagnosis and Treatment If your pet is exhibiting abnormal behaviors consistent with marijuana toxicity, it is crucial for your veterinarian to examine them immediately and even more important, to be honest with your veterinarian so they can accurately diagnose your pet. ey are not obligated to report to local authorities, and they do understand accidents happen. e sooner the underlying cause of symptoms is identified, the sooner the pet can be treated. Obviously, this goes for other recreational drugs as well. Your veterinarian may induce vomiting if not too much time has passed since the marijuana was ingested. Another alternative is to orally administer liquid activated charcoal. is will bind to the toxins in the GI tract and prevent them from being absorbed. However, once the symptoms start to show, it is oen too late for these options, and your pet needs to be treated with supportive care until the drug wears off and the symptoms have subsided. Supportive Care May Include • IV fluids to keep them hydrated, help maintain organ function and flush the toxins out of their system quicker • Anti-anxiety medications to minimize agitation • Anti-emetic medication to help with nauseousness and vomiting • Medications to regulate heart rate and respiration • Close monitoring of the blood pressure, oxygen levels, and body temperature • Keeping them confined to a small, safe and comfortable space, such as a kennel • Keeping them away from excessive noise, light, or other sensory stimulation Marijuana toxicity can be serious if not treated as soon as possible. e prognosis is good if proper medical treatment is provided and most dogs recover within 24-36 hours with no adverse long- term effects. Any form of marijuana in your home is best treated as a medication and should be kept out of paws' reach. Remember, our furry friends are curious by nature and tend to be indiscriminate eaters. If you think that taste will discourage your pet from eating foreign objects and substances, think again, remember they LOVE disgusting things! S MT Stifel, Nicolaus & Company, Incorporated Member SIPC & NYSE | (406) 761-3500 | (800) 333-6017 300 Park Drive South, Suite 101 Great Falls, Montana 59405 For more than 130 years, our primary focus has been understanding our clients' goals and using all of our resources to strive to fulfill their long-term objectives. Your road to tomorrow begins today! WHAT LIES ON YOUR HORIZON? (406) 761-4900 3900 10TH AVE. SOUTH GREAT FALLS, MT 59405 Dedicated trained technicians Preferred insurance provider We use the latest technology We handle the entire claims process Over 66 years serving Central Montana CITY MOTOR COLLISION CENTER

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