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From Shell to Shaker: Advancing Almond Coproducts When Connor Wagner applied to participate in the Almond Board of California Almond Leadership Program, he was eager to expand his knowledge of the industry and develop deeper relationships with his peers. Little did he know that the program would give him the chance to engage in a project that could impact the industry for years to come. New ABC Resource Dives into Groundwater Recharge Groundwater recharge, or intentionally refilling underground aquifers using flood flows and released water from reservoirs, could help individual growers and the almond industry as a whole successfully address water concerns. Could recharge be a good option for you? Strategic Partnerships Support Industry's Tomorrow Over the years, the number of factors and to-dos that growers must consider to ensure their operation continues running smoothly has continued to increase. This reality, paired with a drive to best serve the industry, has led the Almond Board to engage in several partnerships that directly benefit the almond community. HOW WE GROW MAY/JUNE 2021 | ISSUE 15 How ABC Selects and Prioritizes Markets to Build Demand The bulk of the industry's investment in the Almond Board of California is directed to marketing programs. This investment has been a critical component of the industry's efforts to build demand ahead of supply. Page 7 Page 3 Page 5 Page 12 (this page) 아몬드와 함께하는 나만의 휴식 시간. (opposite page) 일어나자마자 아몬드 한 줌으로 건강하게 시작하는 아침. M y O w n ' B 내 몸에 좋은 것만 먹고, 내가 좋아하는 것만 하기에도 바쁜 24시간. 캘리포니아 아몬드 협회 공식 뷰티 멘토 문가영과 함께 '나를 가꾸는 건강한 아름다움'에 대해 이야기했다.

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