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26 May/June 2021 Tablets & Capsules I Michael J. Gamlen and Rebecca U. McVicker Gamlen Tableting How to assess a formulation's compaction and lubrication properties to improve tableting analytical techniques This article explains the compaction analysis and lubrica- tion measurements found in USP general Chapter <1062> "Tablet Compression Characterization." Readers will learn how to characterize the compaction and lubrication behav- iors of tableting materials and then use that information to prevent future manufacturing and quality issues. n computer science, the phrase "garbage in, garbage out" is commonly used to describe the concept that input quality determines output quality. This concept also applies to pharmaceutical tableting processes. An unsuit- able tablet formulation or process will result in problems during tableting and produce tablets that don't meet the required quality standards. But how do you assess your formulation before entering full-scale manufacture? How can you be sure that your powder's material properties

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