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26 | May - June 2021 | www . LUBRICANT RECEPTION & STORAGE Travis Richardson | Noria Corporation Keeping Score of Your Lubricant Reception and Storage Process Factor: R6K Learn More: Factor: R6K—Reception And Storage KPIs Level: KPI (K) Stage: Lubricant Reception And Storage About: Proper reception and storage of lubricants affects many other aspects of lubrication. Reception and storage KPIs help track perfor - mance in this area. More about this ASCEND ™ Factor If you have ever invested money in a 401K or the stock market, you might have received a letter in the mail showing your quarterly updates. Personally, I like to skip through all the text and legal script and go straight to a page with a lot of numbers, charts and graphs. ese details are important to me as they let me know how certain markets are performing, and they can help predict where things will be in the future. e same thing can be seen if you watch the sports broadcast on the news — they will generally show you the highlights of the game, then throw lots of numbers on the screen such as total rushing yards, total passing yards or how many tackles a player had during the game. ese numbers are just like the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that we use in the industry. In short, KPIs score how a program is performing and, if plotted out, can show if a program is headed in the right direction. We're a data-driven society, and if you want to get people's attention in 2021, show them the facts in numbers. Keep Track of KPIs Whether you are just getting a lube program started or you are striving for a fully-implemented lubrication program, there are many notable KPIs to be tracked regarding lubricant reception and storage. Receiving and storing lubricants is a critical part of the lubricant life cycle, and if certain tasks are not being performed properly (or at all), the entire program could suffer. For instance, if lubricants are routinely delivered to a site without meeting plant cleanliness targets, some reme- diation with the supplier, or even a supplier change, will be required. If we know oil is delivered dirty and nothing is done about it, these lubricants could slip through the receiving department and end up in a critical machine. ree areas to consider when building lubricant reception KPIs are New Lubricant Deliveries, Lubricant Inventory Rotation and Safety Incidents. New Lubricant Deliveries From a lubrication standpoint, one of the best things you can do to maximize machine life is to ensure that you are always using clean lubricants. Some things need to be measured to check the overall effec- tiveness of the lubricant receiving process. A few of these measure- ments relate to the cleanliness and dryness of the lubricant. Cleanliness is measured using a particle counter and then reported based on the ISO 4406 standard, which is the

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