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30 | May - June 2021 | www . Three Examples of Lubricant Handling Device Best Practice Advancements Factor: H3P Learn More: Factor: H3P – Handling and Application Devices Level: Platform (P) Stage: Lubricant Handling & Application About: Mishandled lubricants can become damaged or contaminated, negatively affecting performance and protective properties. Matt Adams | Noria Corporation LUBRICANT HANDLING & APPLICATION More about this ASCEND ™ Factor Where to Begin A lmost all sites understand that there is a need for sustainability and advancement within their lubrication program. ey often struggle with the ques- tions of how, when and where their programs can be improved. Upon taking over a site lubrication initia- tive, recognizing how to build the program can sometimes seem like an M.C. Escher "Relativity" print — one can be pulled in so many different directions, and the overlap between specific subject matter can be somewhat confusing. While teaching my first few lubrication cla sses — which included aspects of program devel- opment — I would often have trainees question the need for the extensive level of detail in each section and commonly heard, "we will never exercise those practices at our plant because … ." While some of these topics go into great detail, the premise is to ensure that the trainee understands what best practice looks like. After a couple of these comments, it became apparent that bridging the gap between what world-class stan- dards look like and the reality of trainees' work sites was imperative. ere might not be a direct jump, and the final implementation goal might not necessarily be world-class for all tasks at each site. Prior to getting into the weeds in day-one training sections, I spend at least a few minutes going over what I gener- ally call the lubrication development staircase — discussing how this relates to the upcoming classroom training material as well as lubrica- tion program development aspects at their sites. This staircase exercise is a simple illustration that I request the class use as guidance over the upcoming three or four days during the training session as we shift from

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