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46 | Solid Dosage Sourcebook 2021 Rousselot Rousselot B.V Kanaaldijk Noord 20-21 5691 NM Son, NL WE SUPPORT YOUR PHARMA- & NUTRACEUTICAL CHALLENGES production conditions are required to prevent cross-contamination of API between production batches. With Rousselot ® SiMoGel ™ , the tradi- tional starch moguls are replaced by silicone molds or blister packs mak- ing the production highly hygienic. Rousselot's solution enables to pro- duce enjoyable functional gummies with great taste and texture. ROUSSELOT ® SiMoGel ™ for gummy caps: Taking gummy delivery forms to the next level Thanks to Rousselot's drive to improve supplement or medicine intake, SiMoGel now has the leading role in a newly introduced deliv- ery form: the gummy caps that combines the best of capsules and gummies. This new soft and chewy gummy encapsulates a liquid filling with active ingredients inside. Contact us to benefit from our products and support. *Global Gelatin Market Insights Forecast to 2026, Calibre Research, 2020 Gelatin: the main excipient for hard and soft capsules Capsules is the preferred pharma- and nutraceutical dosage form among consumers. For decades, our standard and specialty gelatins have provided functional advantages, such as API protection, optimal delivery perfor- mance, full compatibility with human tissues and full metabolization. ROUSSELOT ® STABICAPS ™ : The proven solution for more stable soft gels Rousselot ® StabiCaps ™ enables the production of soft gels with reduced cross-linking, offering superior shell stability and API release compared to standard gelatins. With StabiCaps, you can overcome stability issues. Functional gummies call for specially designed gelatins Functional gummies represent one of the fastest growing nutraceutical segments in the world. However, manufacturing functional gummies can be challenging. Highly hygienic Founded in 1891, Rousselot is the global leader* in collagen-based solutions for the food, health & nutrition, (bio)medical, and pharma- ceutical sectors. We produce a wide range of gelatin- and collagen-based products for industries and con- sumers around the world. Part of company, Rousselot Functional Ingre- dients, focuses on serving the food, pharma and technical industries, helping manufacturers to achieve their formulation and business goals. With Rousselot Functional Ingredi- ents, "The difference is clear!" Effective delivery forms start with our gelatins The effectiveness of nutra-, pharma- ceutical and medical supplements is closely related to the form in which these supplements are delivered. Gelatin has proven its worth as a natural, sustainable, safe and highly versatile excipient for most delivery forms in use today. A food ingredient free of e-numbers, gelatin fits per- fectly into the clear label trend. Innovative gelatin-based solutions by Rousselot Functional ingredients With the gelatins provided by Rous- selot, you can achieve best- in- class dosage forms and bring innovation to consumers. Beyond the traditional pharmaceu- tical gelatins, Rousselot has recently developed new gelatins, enabling nutra- and pharma manufacturers to either enhance the stability of their soft gels or to launch innovative functional gummies.

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