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Syntegon Pharma Technology 50 | Solid Dosage Sourcebook 2021 The portfolio The Syntegon portfolio ranges from standalone units to complete lines and integrated systems, and includes process technology, primary and secondary packaging as well as handling and inspection technology. Syntegon offers software solutions for track and trace and Industry 4.0 applications, qualification and vali- dation support, as well as technical customer services to optimize opera- tional performance. Excellence in solid dosage Syntegon not only specializes in production-size fluid bed systems, high-shear mixers, coaters, tablet presses and capsule filling machines. The portfolio for solid dosage forms also includes several laboratory devices as well as support in formu- lation development and scale-up from laboratory to production scale. Capsule and Tablet Innovation • The GKF 720 capsule-filling machine, Syntegon's newest and most technologically advanced capsule filler, processes pow- ders, granules, pellets, tablets, micro-tablets or liquids in small to medium batches for R&D, clinical-supplies and small-scale production, while providing pro- tection for operator, machine and product up to OEB5 prod- uct requirements. • Ideal for small to medium batches, the TPR 200 tablet press is capable of outputs up to 230,000 tablets per hour. The easy-to-clean design ensures quick and easy product change- overs, while the Data Acquisition System provides the tools you need to monitor and optimize your tablet compression process. Xelum: a new approach to continuous manufacturing Syntegon is taking on the challenges of continuous manufacturing with a new approach: the Xelum platform, based on the proven fluid bed tech- nology from the subsidiary Hüttlin, doses APIs and excipients as discrete masses, so APIs of less than 1% can be dosed precisely. Individual pack- ages, so-called X-keys, continuously run through the process chain and are discharged successively. Xelum ensures lower production costs and high flexibility. The same is true for the Xelum R&D. Since it uses exactly the same components as the Xelum production platform, process parameters are identical and scale-up becomes obsolete. This sig- nificantly reduces development time and API usage. Syntegon 8700 Wyoming Ave N. Minneapolis, MN 55445 763-424-4700 The company Syntegon Pharma Technology, formerly Bosch Packaging Technology, is one of the leading providers of solid dosage processing equipment and pack- aging solutions for the pharmaceutical industry worldwide. Backed by decades of experience, Syntegon has developed a comprehensive port- folio for the pharmaceutical industry.

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