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Page 22 of 23 US Pharmacopeia 22 Areas of Excellence Camfil personnel are trained in com- bustible dust issues, so they can help customers find explosion pro- tection solutions that are compliant and cost-effective. The company also offers dust testing and ASHRAE Stan- dard 199 testing services to provide meaningful data and performance information. Testing helps pharma- ceutical manufacturers determine the dust collection system configuration and filtration components that will best meet their needs. This testing is desirable for any facilities that need to meet specific indoor air quality re- quirements in the work environment or PM 1, 2.5 or 10 requirements. Major Products Gold Series Camtain dust collectors are ideal for high-efficiency filtration of hazardous dusts. They deliver safe- change capability and ease of mainte- nance. They have been independently surrogate-tested to ensure optimum protection from highly potent, toxic or allergenic dusts and to reduce the po- tential for cross-contamination. They also exceed OSHA mandates for fac- tory air quality, and offer the highest explosion protection in accordance with NFPA and ATEX standards when equipped with appropriate explosion protection devices. The Quad Pulse Package is a small footprint dust collector that can be posi- tioned on the production floor or suite. It is available with one or two filters to han- dle 295-1765 CFM air volume, and uses a segmented cleaning process to keep the primary filter cartridge operating continu- ously so manufacturing is not interrupted. The unit reduces energy costs by cleaning filters at low pressure. A secondary HEPA filter provides 99.995% filtration efficiency to capture the finest dust particles. It also features pressure-resistant construction, built-in NFPA and ATEX-compliant explo- sion protection, integrated fan, quiet op- eration and bag-in/bag-out filter change- out option. Markets Served Camfil APC supplies dust collection equipment worldwide to pharma- ceutical manufacturers. Common ap- plications include tableting, coating, drying, mixing, blending, granulation, filling, packaging and general room ventilation. Facilities All Camfil APC components, filter car- tridges and accessories are man- ufactured in ISO 9001 certified facil- ities. A state-of-the-art test lab at the Jonesboro, Arkansas headquarters is equipped to conduct dust testing and simulated full-scale testing. The com- pany leads the industry in green and sustainable initiatives. Camfil APC 3505 South Airport Rd. Jonesboro, AR 72401 800-479-6801, 870-933-8048 Camfil APC offers the world's most technologically advanced dust collectors, backed by dependable service and decades of experience. Camfil's experts understand the toxicological properties of phar- maceutical dusts and potent compounds. They also know how to reduce personnel exposure to toxic and combustible dusts. Part of Camfil, the largest air filter manufacturer in the world, Camfil APC guarantees that its collectors and filter cartridges will meet EPA particle emission requirements. Company Profile

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