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2 Veterinary Instrumentation (Vi) is proud to offer this complete line of veterinary surgical, orthopedic, and dental packs. These packs are the product of years of collaboration with some of the best veterinary surgeons in the world, resulting in hand-crafted operating room instruments made with German steel. Let our years of design and development help you when it matters most for the animals in your care. Trust the experience and craftsmanship of Vi products. You have the highest standards of patient care. That's why we offer operating-room-quality surgical instruments that have been field-tested worldwide for over three decades. Let's advance animal healthcare together. TRUSTED BY SURGEONS SINCE 1986 ORDERING GUIDE Part Numbers Ending in "T" Come with a fully autoclavable, stainless steel, perforated tray to keep your instruments safe, secure, and organized. Fits all autoclaves. Part Numbers Ending in "C" Come with a fully autoclavable, aluminum, protective cassette with a clasped lid, to maintain and protect your surgery pack. Fits all autoclaves.

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