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Kerri Walsh Jennings Shines in Olympics Advertising One year ago, Kerri Walsh Jennings was training for her sixth Olympics and fourth gold medal in beach volleyball when the games were postponed due to the pandemic. Walsh Jennings had to put her plans on pause, and she saw this pause as an opportunity to spend time with her family while continuing her training to maintain peak performance. Almonds Promote a Holistic View of Skin Health While traditionally research into almonds' health benefits has focused on that which is not seen – heart health, satiety, etc. – in 2015, the ABC's Nutrition Research Committee decided to dig deeper to determine if almonds could impart skin health benefits, as well, to further support awareness and consumption of almonds worldwide. Almonds and Dairy Team Up to Fund Composting Research For decades, California's two leading agricultural commodities have enjoyed a productive and synergistic relationship. Rather than decomposing in landfills, almond hulls and shells often find a home on Central Valley dairies where they are upcycled as a feed ingredient and bedding material for cows. HOW WE GROW JULY/AUGUST 2021 | ISSUE 16 Water Wizards: ABC Assembles Elite Minds to Research Water Use Efficiency Tactics At a fundamental level, growing almonds is an exercise in water management. The dryness of the past several months serves as another reminder that water is the lifeblood of our state and of our almond crop. Page 9 Page 7 Page 12 Page 15

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