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Tablets & Capsules July/August 2021 13 infrastructure that can tightly control temperature and humidity. Also, packaging equipment must be designed and qualified to guarantee moisture-proof seals that can withstand handling and shipment. Market summary The market for effervescent products continues to grow at a rapid pace as new products enter the market. These products span a wide range of categories and capitalize on the benefits of effervescent technology to delivery tried- and-true as well as novel applications. Consumers have embraced these products, indicating a consistent will- ingness to pay for the unique benefits and enhanced user experience inherent in this technology. T&C References 1. Rau, Allen H. "Effervescent technology for today's pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements." Tablets & Capsules Magazine, 14(5), 11–15. 2. ology/fullarticle/649710#:~:text=Swallowing%20oral%20 medications%20in%20the,community%20experience%20 problems%20swallowing%20pills Allen Rau is the vice president, technology and business devel- opment and Rachael Whitbeck is the sales director at Tower Laboratories ( Specialty applications. Effervescent technology has been used to support a number of unique product concepts. Aromatherapy shower tablets have gained pop- ularity in recent years and provide a great example of how effervescent technology can be modified to fit with a product's specific application. While most efferves- cent products are developed to dissolve quickly, shower aromatherapy tablets are engineered to dissolve slowly, allowing aromas to be released throughout the dura- tion of a shower. On the other hand, bath bombs are designed to dissolve quickly, dispersing color, fragrance, and skin conditioners to enhance the bathing experience. Development considerations Effervescent products are, by design, chemically reac- tive. While the chemistry itself is straightforward, its application is tricky. Ensuring product performance and stability requires careful consideration of each ingredient. Parameters such as moisture, particle size, and solubil- ity must be carefully evaluated. Specifications for raw materials need to be fully considered, as "standard" raw materials are often not suitable for use in these products. And, of course, the finished product specifications need to be designed to ensure that the product will deliver the claimed benefits throughout its intended shelf life. Special attention must also be paid to packaging during the development process. To prevent the effer- vescent reaction from starting before product usage, it's vital to provide protection from environmental humid- ity. Moisture-proof foil sachets and stick packs are commonly used for single dose packages. Plastic tubes with desiccant stoppers can be used for multiple doses. Manufacturing considerations Manufacturing of effervescent products also requires specialized knowledge and equipment and is neither sim- ple nor straightforward. For instance, to ensure product stability, manufacturers need appropriate environmental In recent years, the range of effervescent dietary supplements has expanded as brands look to innovate beyond standard tablets, capsules, and gummies. Numerous new products have been introduced featuring vitamins, minerals, amino acids, botanicals, and other specialty nutrients.

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