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14 July/August 2021 Tablets & Capsules Functionalized mineral Functionalized mineral provides greater stability, performance, and survival rates of probiotics during formulation and delivery to the gut. Ingredient provider has partnered with contract researcher Nizo to study the mineral's influence on probi- otic viability during production and delivery processes. Study results show that the mineral is an effective stabilizing agent during spray drying, shelf-life, and in-vitro digestion of probiotics—outperforming the organic benchmark excipient malto- dextrin. Mineral's strong water-binding properties and significant buffering capac- ity make it a suitable inorganic probiotic carrier for use in pharmaceutical, nutra- ceutical, and food products. Omya, Cincinnati, OH 513 387 4600 DPI lactose excipient InhaLac 300 excipient for dry powder inhalation (DPI) applications, such as pul- monary and nasal drug delivery, has a particle size distribution characterized by the typical flow and surface characteristics of fine milled lactose grades. Excipient helps manufacturers produce highly controlled, homogeneous powder with high microbial quality (including low endotoxins) and allows retesting after 24 months. Meggle, Wasserburg, Germany +49 8071 73 476 Filler-binder galenIQ 721 isomalt filler-binder improves powder flow for sachet products, allow- ing powder mixture to flow precisely and cleanly into the pouch for accurate dos- age and proper sealing. Isomalt excipient imparts several characteristics to blends, including a narrow particle size distribution, a very low fines content, excellent flowability, low hygroscopicity, high physical stability during mixing, high dilu- tion potential, and content uniformity. Additionally, the excipient is derived from pure sugar beet, which provides a tooth-friendly, sugar-like taste profile and pleas- ant mouthfeel and enhances the palatability of oral powder applications. Beneo, Mannheim, Germany Issue focus excipients & formulation

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