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Tablets & Capsules July/August 2021 15 Gummy caps Gummy cap center-filled, gelatin-based soft gummy for nutraceutical and pharma- ceutical applications has a soft and pleasant tasting shell that encapsulates liquid fills of functional or active ingredients. Product combines the benefits of capsules and gummies, meeting consumer preferences for chewable dosage forms with the ability to include a broad range of nutrients or APIs at adequate dosage. Gummies can be produced using SiMoGel starchless gelatin in either silicone or metal molds or directly in blister packs, preventing ingredient cross-contamination. This depositing technique enhances application possibilities in terms of shape and tex- ture and allows for various formats such as 3D and high-dimensional products. Rousselot, Son, the Netherlands Coprocessed excipient Hisorad coprocessed excipient for orally disintegrating tablets (ODTs) is designed for direct compression and is composed of d-mannitol, microcrystalline cellulose, and croscarmellose sodium. Placebo tablets formulated with the excipient draw water rapidly and disintegrate within 20 seconds. Rapid disintegration is main- tained even with highly loaded APIs. Excipient has excellent compactibility and maintains high tablet hardness even at relatively low compression forces, making it suitable for poorly compressible APIs. Excipient can be used for several applica- tions such as improving disintegration of direct-compression, chewable, and dis- persible tablets as well as mini-ODTs for pediatric formulations. Daicel, Tokyo, Japan Alginate excipients Vivapharm alginates are derived from sustainable algae harvested in France and are suitable for a wide variety of healthcare applications. Sodium alginate functions as a thickening, suspending, and disintegrating agent for controlled-release formula- tions. Alginic acid works as a disintegrating and dispersing agent and has emulsify- ing characteristics. Calcium alginate is a biocompatible and nontoxic material designed for wound-care applications. JRS Pharma, Patterson, NY 845 878 8300 Tablet binders/disintegrants Polargel NF bentonite and Magnabrite F magnesium aluminum silicate are natural clay products suitable for use in a wide range of pharmaceutical products. Both products can be used as binders, disintegrants, or release regulators, enhancing the performance of tablet formulations. Excipients conform with the USP monographs for purified bentonite and magnesium aluminum silicate. Health & Beauty Solutions, Hoffman Estates, IL 337 354 1044

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