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16 July/August 2021 Tablets & Capsules Mannitol excipients Mannitol excipient line is suitable for formulating convenient, patient-friendly dosage forms, such as orally-disintegrating tablets (ODTs) and chewables, with small tablet sizes and fast disintegration times to enhance patient compliance. Mannogem XL Opal and Ruby enable formulators to efficiently develop multiple unit particle systems (MUPS) and controlled-release (CR) ODTs. Tablets made with these excipients exhibit high hardness, fast disintegration, high drug-loading capabilities, and low friability, require little to no binder, and can be tableted at low compression forces. Opal mannitol has a high binding capacity and can also be used as a tablet binder, producing low-friability tablets that can withstand the stresses associated with film coating, printing, and packaging. Ruby mannitol pro- vides similar improvements in compressibility in a granular form. Company also offers Mannogem Emerald and Onyx, mannitol powders with average particle sizes of 25 and 50 microns, respectively. SPI Pharma, Wilmington, DE 800 789 9755 Clean-label carrier excipient Nu-Sorb excipient offers nutraceutical manufacturers of high-oil ingredients an alternative to synthetic carriers. Clean-label excipient is a blend of rice fiber, oat fiber, and sunflower lecithin that provides the oil-holding capacity necessary to produce powders, tablets, and capsules. Company also offers other natural and organic rice-based ingredients that are vegan, non-GMO, and gluten-free for the food, beverage, pet, and dietary supplement industries. Ribus, St. Louis, MO 314 727 4287 Multifunctional excipients Gelucire multifunctional excipients have versatile physicochemical properties to enhance bioavailability and are suitable for oral dosage forms. Gelucire 44/14 (lauroyl polyoxyl-32 glyceride) can be used independently or in combination with the company's other products including Capryol, Labrafil, and Laurogly- col as components of self-emulsifying and self-microemulsifying drug delivery systems (SEDDS and SMEDDS). Excipients are compliant with USP, NF, and EP pharmacopeias. Gattefosse USA, Paramus, NJ 201 265 4800

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