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20 July/August 2021 Tablets & Capsules A survey of what's available mixers & blenders Loss-in-weight feeder PH loss-in-weight feeder is suitable for the continuous feeding of poorly flowing pharmaceutical excipients and APIs. Feeder can be outfitted with an ActiFlow bulk solids activator, a material flow aid, as well as electronic pressure compensation to optimize feeder performance in continuous operations such as for blending, extru- sion, granulation, and coating. Stainless-steel pharmaceutical feeder is available in either a volumetric or gravimetric configuration in single- and twin-screw models with feedrates up to 162 cubic feet per hour. Feeder is completely accessible for easy cleaning and is suitable for multi-component continuous blending. Feeders are also available for batch dispensary blending applications. Coperion K-Tron, Sewell, NJ 856 589 0800 Bin tumbler Cyclops bin tumbler blends and homogenizes powders and granules for pharmaceu- tical, food, and chemical applications. Unit works with the company's Trigon uni- versal bin blocking system, which simplifies bin loading and unloading. Bin tumbler's control system displays process parameters and allows the operator to configure advanced process recipes and program work cycles. Bin tumbler is available in four versions, including a lab model for R&D and small-batch production that comes equipped with wheels for easy transport. Bin tumbler can feature through-the-wall installation to conserve floor space and optional dual-plane blending inclination IMA North America, Leominster, MA 978 537 8534 Horizontal mixer Ploughshare mixer for batch operation offers a short, 1- to 3-minute mixing time and mixing precision of 1:100,000 and higher. Mixing elements' shape and arrangement on the shaft ensure reliable product movement and create a mechan- ically generated fluid bed in the mixing drum. Liquids can be easily added during the mixing process. Mixer uses a constant Froude number, allowing the test results or validated processes to be reliably transferred from one mixer size to another. Mixer's horizontal design requires significantly less drive power and has a reduced construction height compared to conventional vertical high-shear mixers. Mixer can be used for high-shear granulation processes. Loedige, Paderborn, Germany +49 5251 309 260

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