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22 July/August 2021 Tablets & Capsules Batch mixer 700-TH-35-SS rotary batch mixer gently blends dry bulk solids with or without liquid additions in 1 to 3 minutes with total uniformity and minimal shear or heat. Optional spray line can introduce liquid coatings, flavorings, vitamins, or active ingredients into any bulk solid pharmaceutical or nutraceutical product. Propri- etary mixing flights within the rotating drum gently fold, tumble, cut, and turn the material, directing it toward and through a stationary plug-gate valve with no res- idue. Twin access doors provide unobstructed access to the mixer's interior for cleaning, sanitizing, and visual inspection. Internal supply line allows in-place rinsing and cleaning. Mixer has a useable batch capacity of 990 liters and is equally effective from 100 percent of rated capacity to as low as 15 percent without liquid additions and 33 percent with liquid additions. Munson Machinery, Utica, NY 800 944 6644 Double cone blender Model DCB double cone blender is designed for large-scale blending of free- flowing solids in a full suite of laboratory, pilot, and production sizes. Mixer thor- oughly distributes minor and micro ingredients throughout the batch more gently than v-shaped blenders without damaging fragile or sensitive components. Model DCB-75 double cone blender is a 75-cubic-foot jacketed blender that is rated for vacuum up to 29.5 inches of mercury and heats and dries products during blend- ing. Other features include gas purging capability; a 16-inch, pneumatically oper- ated discharge valve; 5-passage rotary union; explosion-proof brake motor; and PLC controls. Charles Ross & Son, Hauppauge, NY 800 243 7677 Slant cone blender Slant cone blender offers efficient mixing time, high mixture quality, and consis- tent results. Slanted cones are designed to blend sensitive powders that can't sus- tain shearing from paddles, augers, and screws while reducing production time by 50 percent compared to v-shape blenders. Additionally, in a study comparing the performance of slant cone and v-shape blenders, researchers found that the slant cone blender was insensitive to the order of ingredient addition, whereas the effi- ciency of the v-shape blender was affected by the loading order. Gemco, Middlesex, NJ 800 654 3626

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