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Tablets & Capsules July/August 2021 29 I N D U S T R Y a p p l i c a t i o n CMO finds reliable blender and sifter combinations for nutraceutical powder and tablet production sales and service departments, along with the integration of their respec- tive product lines, has put both companies in a unique position to offer comprehensive processing solu- tions to a wide range of industries. By aligning two leading industrial processing manufacturers known for their customized solutions, AMP leverages well over a century of com- bined engineering knowledge and expertise. This cohesive approach appealed to the CMO, compelling it to engage with Marion and Kason for a custom solution that would be tai- lored to meet the company's needs. An integrated solution Because the product line includes a variety of different blends, it was essential that the equipment allow for simple, fast sanitation between batches. The CMO chose a Marion BP4-5496-UW4 horizontal paddle blender for its construction quality, door gasket design, and quick-clean features. The customized blender fea- tures a 54-inch by 96-inch U-shaped Marion and Kason representative, Canada Process Equipment, for help in putting together a solution for their expanded operations. "This manufacturer works with large brand-name clients with mul- tiple consumer products," said Scott Lightfoot, managing director of Canada Process Equipment. "Each mix must come out perfect every single time. The taste, texture, smell, and of course, the nutritional value and safety must be precisely accord- ing to specifications." In late 2019, Chicago-based private equity firm May River Capital merged both Marion and Kason under the platform com- pany Advanced Material Processing (AMP). Synergizing the companies' In the nutraceutical and pharma- ceutical industries, product reliability and precision are key, as products must comply with strict quality and content uniformity standards. Several years ago, a leading North American nutraceutical contract manufacturing organization (CMO) was ramping up their manufacturing operation for nutraceutical powders and needed blending and sifting equipment for the new production line. The CMO manufactures nutritional supple- ments for a variety of major brands worldwide using recipes supplied by the brands themselves. As one of the largest supplement manufacturers in Canada, the CMO's reputation is built on exceeding their clients' stan- dards for quality and reliability. The company needed the mixing and sifting equipment to meet the following requirements: • Precision operation for high- quality, high- consistency product output both within each batch and between batches; • Compliance with pharmaceu- tical and nutraceutical sanitary standards; • High-efficiency performance and low-cost maintenance; and • Safe cleaning and maintenance. During its search, the CMO dis- covered blenders and sifters from sister companies Marion Process Solutions and Kason Corporation respectively and turned to local With manufacturers like Marion and Kason, I know the equipment is just going to keep chugging along year after year, and I won't have to make any unexpected site visits.

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