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topics, including qualification of excip- ient suppliers, elemental impurities, nitrosamines, and microplastics. Future What does the future hold for excip- ients? New and novel excipients are needed to support the development of modern drugs and drug delivery systems. Novel excipients will also be needed for advanced manufacturing processes such as 3D printing, contin- uous manufacturing, the manufacture of biologics and vaccines, and other emerging technologies. IPEC-Americas is well positioned to facilitate these new excipient applications through guides and provide expertise to ensure that these innovative technologies can become a reality. Going forward, IPEC-Americas will continue in its role as the "excip- ient experts." The organization will work to expand excipient knowledge and relevance to ensure that the phar- maceutical industry has the excipients it needs to make the drug products of tomorrow. T&C IPEC-Americas (571 814 3449, www. is a US trade associ- ation whose members include excipient producers, distributors, and finished drug product manufacturers, as well as companies and individuals that supply other specialized services to industry seg- ments. IPEC-Americas brings together these diverse stakeholders to achieve the common objective of safe and effective production and use of excipients. industry innovations R&D capsule filler Dedalo Dx capsule filler for multidose applications reduces the amount of API, time, and money spent on R&D, pilot, and small-batch manufacturing. Capsule filler comes with inline weight checker and 21 filling combination options and can be set up with tamping and dosator powder dosing systems, allowing for easy scale-up. Unit's plug-and-play design with fully integrated devices simpli- fies operation, and its compact size allows for setup in small rooms, making it ideal for small manufacturing areas and laboratories. Unit's technical service via Microsoft HoloLens mixed- reality technology provides operators and mainte- nance engineers with 24-hour service and remote assistance. Hudi Pharma, Milan, Italy

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