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JUL-AUG 2013

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Guffanti Capra Fresca Assorted Fresh Italian goat cheese with herbs, black pepper, and paprika. Goat Reblochon Arzua Ulloa DOP Willi Schmid's potent raw goat milk, washed rind creation, a rare work of art from Switzerland. Small production cows milk cheese, Galicia, Spain, made by a mother & son team. Ortiz Bonito Del Norte Berner Mutschli "The Kiss" Pamplie AOP Butter Mt. Vully Luxuriously creamy Swiss that can rival any French triple crème, tiny artisan production. From Charantes Poitou Region of France Butter produced with the slow churned traditional "barrattes" method to create very flavorful, creamy butter. Available in Sweet (Doux), Lightly Salted (sel), or Fleur de Sel Sea Salt varities (Sea Salt from Ile de Re). Delicious raw mountain cow's cheese, Switzerland made with remnants of wine making. (Atlantic White Tuna) Bonito is a medium size fish that is a high oil content species with more flavor and Omega 3 fatty acids. Fished close to shore during the summer months when the Bonito appear annually in warm waters near the Bay of Biscay. Individually line caught by local fisherman. PHOTO BELOW - BACK ROW L TO R Guffanti Taleggio Valsassina Guffanti Due Latte Robiola La Tur Guffanti Buffalo Mozzarella DOP raw cow's milk washed rind cheese ripened on straw. Soft-ripened, creamy cow and sheep cheese from Piedmonte, Italy. Cow, goat, and sheep's milk cheese from Piemonte, Italy. Fresh buffalo milk Mozzarella flown in from Campana, Italy. PHOTO BELOW - FRONT ROW L TO R Brunet Guffanti Robiola Tre Latte Guffanti Pecorino Nero di Pienza Guffanti 3 year Provolone Mandarini Raw sheep's milk cheese aged 8 months with a black wash on the rind. Hand chosen, 36 months+ aged, and rubbed Provolone. Goat cheese from Piedmonte, Italy, wrinkly rind, grassy notes, creamy texture. Small production mixed milk cheese with cow, sheep, and goat's milk. Guffanti Capra Cremosa Tartufo Delicious fresh goat cheese generously topped with slices of black truffles. 4 | www.wbcheese.com

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