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Vermont Farmstead Cheeses Award winning farmstead cheeses from Vermont including Lille, a coulommiers style cheese, as well as delicious cheddars and other English style cheeses. LEFT TO RIGHT Ameixa d'Elvas Plums: Zimbro - is a full flavored, Confit of the plum "Queen Claudia green" (DOP), one of the oldest and most typical sweets of the region of the Alto Alentejo. According to history, the plums d'Elvas were initially made only in the convents and were, for a long time, a privilege of the wealthy tables. In 1834, small industrial production started. yet smooth raw sheep's milk cheese from the "Serra da Estrela" region of Northern Portugal. The rind is washed, resulting in a herbaceous lightly acidulous flavor, with big fruity Wine-like notes. Beeler Sbrinz Delicious raw milk Swiss Cheese similar to Parmigiano, by Rolf Beeler. Preserved Figs: Confit of the Pingo del Mel, or "drop of honey" fig - a wonderful confection to serve alongside Zimbro or other cheeses. Honey Drop Fig Jam is made according to traditional Portuguese recipes from a variety of figs called "honey drops". This smooth, lusciously creamy and naturally sweet jam is the perfect accompaniment to your favorite cheeses. LEFT TO RIGHT Jasper Hill Harbison Bark wrapped bloomy-rind cow's milk cheese — runny, woodsy, complex, from VT. Jasper Hill Weybridge Pico Melero Farmstead aged sheep's milk cheese — fruity, big taste, wine notes — Castilla, Spain. Organic bloomy-rind cow's milk medallion — earthy, creamy with a toasted finish. Jasper Hill Moses Sleeper Tender bloomy-rind cow's milk cheese — buttery, creamy, and meaty. Unio Siurana: with a PDO, Unio Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced entirely from Arbequina olives grown within the Siurana region in the Catalan province of Tarragona in Northeast Spain. Local farmers hand pick Arbequina olives in November while still a little green. The fresh fruit is rushed to the local presses and cold pressed within 24 hours. Point Reyes Toma Semi firm farmstead cow's milk table cheese from CA. Ortiz Bonito del Norte: White Tuna are Moser Chardonnay Soft-ripened bloomy cow's milk cheese bathed in Chardonnay Wine, Switzerland. individually line caught with live bait or fly during the coastal fishing season. This age-old technique of selective fishing (which also avoids unwanted fish being discarded) respects the environment and protects marine reserves. The Tuna is prepared in an entirely artisanal way preserving the exquisite flavor and delicate texture. World's Best Cheeses | 9

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