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SiG MT 123 It's free and the law. Before you dig, always call 811. It's quick and easy! even if you have astigmatism. For patients with eye conditions or previous trauma that impacted the cornea, specialty scleral lenses are improving patient's quality of life. e ever-increasing reliance on technology in today's age takes its toll on the eyes. e blue light coming from those devices has been shown to disrupt sleep cycles and cause visual fatigue. Specialty lenses and filters for glasses can help alleviate that fatigue. Digital device use also speeds up changes in our tear chemistry from reduced blinking. ose blinks are important to maintain the ocular surface and avoid dry, itchy eyes. Your Optometrist can prescribe medication and/or suggest many solutions for alleviating this condition. As a person hits their 60's, there will likely be some cataract formation developing. A cataract is a physical change to the originally clear focusing lens in the eye that starts to cause poor vision. Your O.D. is there to help manage those changes and guide you to the right ophthalmologist when it is time for surgical intervention. ere is constant innovation in these lens replacements that are providing beer and more versatile vision. Along with cataracts and other ocular diseases, your O.D. can specifically monitor you for glaucoma and macular degeneration; both sight- threatening conditions. We interact with our world primarily based on how well we see things. No maer what age, an eye exam is worth your time. While some aspects of optometry and the exam have stayed the same; like the wonderful eye puff test and psychological warfare that occurs between choosing 1 or 2; there is innovation as well. An eye exam in 2021 usually involves high-definition retinal photography, a chance for you to see how fascinating the retina and eye truly are. Optical coherence technology lets us look at micron level changes in your eyes to beer monitor your ocular health. Whether your eyes struggle behind a computer screen all day or if you just need to see a lile beer for hunting season in the fall, your O.D. can help you pick the right option to see beer for work, play, and all the stuff in between. Compounding Specialist • Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement • erapy • Sports Management • Pain Management • Pediatric • Hospice • Veterinary Compliance and Long Term Care Packaging Delivery/Mail Services Locally Owned for 21 years 2828 10th Ave S. Great Falls 8am-5:30pm M-F • 216-3102 S MT

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