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TEXT BY HOLLY MATKIN WORKING LIFE URBAN AFFAIRS PHOTOGRAPHER JENNY MATTHEWS SiG MT 18 Fostering Superior Patient Care at the Great Falls Clinic Network iving in Montana has been a dream for the Great Falls Clinic Network's new CEO, Wayne Gillis, for nearly two decades. "My son was 14 or 15 and we were having philosophical conversations and talking about all the places we wanted to live, and Montana and Wyoming were at the top of both of our lists," the Florida native says. "And that was at least 15 years ago or so." eir shared dream became reality last September, when Wayne relocated from the family's ranch in North Carolina to take over at the helm of the Great Falls Clinic Network. He'll soon be joined by his wife, as well as his adult son and daughter and their spouses, and his three young grandchildren. Nine horses, a small cale herd and a couple of female pigs will also be in tow. "We all farm together in North Carolina and we're together all the time," Wayne laughs. "I want to be close enough that our children and grandchildren can just come over anytime they want to. ey are our best friends." Wayne, a hands-on leader with a strong belief in the benefits of team empowerment and collaboration, hit the ground running from the moment he started on his new venture. "We want to be excellent at what we do and we want every single case to be based on the best outcome for our patients," he says. "We want patients to have a superior experience." Wayne's diverse background in a wide variety of medical, information technologies and business-related posts have provided him with a unique and highly covetable skillset coming into his new position. "One of the things I'm so incredibly thankful for in having had these experiences is that I can look at a problem from a variety of different perspectives and angles," he explains. "I feel like my view of the world is much wider than it would have been without those experiences and they allow me to help problem solve so much faster." Having a highly-motivated team of medical personnel who share his passion for patient care is also a major perk. "It is about the people," Wayne says emphatically. "e culture at the Great Falls Clinic Network is consistent with that. It is collaborative and collegial and people work there for the same reason – because they are passionate about the people and providing the best care possible." L S MT As CEO of the Great Falls Clinic Network, Wayne Gillis is committed to empowering his team as they provide top- notch medical care to you and your family.

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