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SiG MT 21 SiG MT 21 BEER MAN KA A NS UF M E N S W E A R C E N T R E 411 Central Avenue, Great Falls 406.761.5010 Open For Summer. Open For Summer. –balancing the sweetness of strong alcohol and lots of malt with the bier hops. Oen called an "Imperial" IPA, Double IPAs regularly climb to 8.0 or 9.0% ABV with a sweet platform sturdy enough to withstand a hop avalanche. TRIPLE IPA Once again, drinkers demanded more aer geing used to the huge aroma and rasping dryness of the double IPA. Brewers answered the call and responded with the triple IPA. Sometimes pushing 12% or even 13%, these beers are not for the faint hearted. But, despite the high ABV, they are hugely popular, in fact, people will stand in line for hours to tip back a glass on the day they are released, which is usually once a year at each brewery. EAST COAST IPA A relatively new style, East Coast IPAs are balanced, oen malt sweetness with citrus and fruity hop character combined with a nice touch of hop bierness to give your taste buds a whirl. e one fundamental difference between the West Coast and East Coast IPA – yeast. Where California brewers use clean, almost flavorless yeasts to focus the drinker on the hop aromas and flavors, East Coast brewers use mutated, complicated British yeasts that produce huge aromas as they ferment the sugar. e flavor boost allows brewers to use fewer hops, so the beer is less bier. WEST COAST IPA Borrowing inspiration from British IPAs and American hops, the West Coast IPA uses big American "C" hops -cascade, citra, chinook – to give it a huge hop aroma bursting with notes of citrus and tropical fruits. eir malt character is understated, and they typically finish dry to let the layered hop flavors and aromas stand out. SESSIONS IPA Sometimes you just need to rein in the high ABV of the single, double, and triple IPAs and go with a lighter, yet palate pleasing beer; one that keeps your taste satisfied and your senses sharp. e Sessions is an all-day IPA that offers a big dose of hops for maximum aroma and a minimal amount of bierness at no more than 5% ABV. e Sessions is a flavorful, big-tasting beer that's easy to drink and won't weigh you down. MILKSHAKE IPA e Milkshake IPA is brewed with milk sugar (aka lactose) which gives it a creamy, smoothie-like quality also found in beers served on Nitro. e addition of fruits and other adjuncts, like vanilla or marshmallow, enhance the pillowy mouthfeel and impart the sensation of sipping on boozy shake. e IPA list goes on, but these are some options to take for a test drive and to cross off the "I wonder what this tastes like" list. Until next time, hoppy sipping. Cheers! e Beer Man S MT

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