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SiG MT 44 Hamburger is sold in ten-pound cases with either ten one- pound or two five-pound packages. Also available are quarter-, half-, and whole-beef lots. She frequently stocks additional cuts. Great Alone is authorized to accept SNAP. Few meat companies have the ability to process EBT (Electronic Benefit Transfer) payments. e application process is time-consuming, but it is a service that White is proud to offer. White joined the Chamber of Commerce in Billings to promote an educational seminar that she organized and administered in March 2021. Direct sales have been booming since Covid-19 and so has misinformation about the process and legalities of selling ranch beef direct. e seminar was White's aempt to share that important information. An imbalance in knowledge can have consequences for those who aren't aware. Information on the trailer indicates that the ranch has earned "Audubon Certified Bird Friendly Land" certification. e ranch became certified three years ago, and last year contract biologists visited the ranch. ey counted 79 native bird species. "We continue to work to preserve a wild landscape to ensure all creatures have a place," said White. White uses Facebook, Instagram, and Twier pages that, on the surface appear to be free marketing. However, it takes time to keep them up to date and to motivate viewers to go back to those pages again and again. She oen posts photographs of activities on the ranch, mostly those that pertain to the cale. A sunset over the mountains with the cale in the foreground gives the customer an idea of the pristine location where the cale are pastured. She might include a photo of a baby calf, birds, wildflowers, and big blue skies. She oen inserts photos of what she calls "her happy cale." It's on these pages and her website that White notifies her customers as to when she will be in their area selling beef. Lanie White and one of her favorite horses. The pastures where the cattle on the McFarland White Ranch graze are also great habitat for wildlife. Lanie White sometimes adds photographs of "her happy cattle" to her webpage. Photo by Eric Visocan Photo by Eric Visocan For more information on the Great Alone Cale Company, contact Lanie White. 406-321-1160 | hp:// Photo by Eric Visocan A life-long interest in communications made Suzanne Waring first a college instructor and then a writer. She lives in Great Falls and writes about Montana people and their communities. S MT

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