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LIG Association Solutions Magazine covering the LIG Association Health Program and association health insurance as part of a nondues revenue program for member benefits along with retention and recruitment

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ASSOCIATION News You Can Use Firms Partner to Provide Health Benefits to Professional Associations Professional societies, associations, and affinity groups play an important role in the U.S. economy, and they help to amplify and advocate for the concerns and priorities of their members. One of their biggest concerns is healthcare—how to get cost effective coverage for medical care and how to address the increasing costs of that care. That is the basis of the new partnership announced between PeopleKeep and LIG Solutions. Victoria Hodgkins, CEO of PeopleKeep, Inc., says that PeopleKeep and LIG Solutions share a common goal of helping businesses care for their employees by offering health benefits that work for tthe business as well as employees and their families. Tim McNichols of LIG added that health insurance is not a one-size-fits-all approach, and neither should be the member benefit programs offered by associations, societies and other affinity groups. Broadening the membership benefits available to member organizations to include not only health insurance coverage options but also health reimbursement arrangements (HRAs) lets us better meet those differing needs. Learn More: Will Association Health Plans Actually Happen? Recently Katie Keith, JD, MPH, Principal at Keith Policy Solutions and Jason Farro, CEO of LIG Solutions, joined a panel discussion that covered the "State of the Insurance Industry." In this informative webinar, Katie and Jason, along with moderator Tim McNichols, discussed the changes that are taking place in the industry as a result of the new American Rescue Act Plan of 2021 that are impacting the members of associations and other updates to the health insurance marketplace under the new administration, including what is happening with possible Association Health Plans in 2021. Learn More: on Health Reimbursement Plans According to a report in Small Business Trends, 78 percent of enrollees of individual coverage health reimbursement arrangement (HRA) plans are small businesses. The report also revealed that non-profits and associations account for 20 percent of early enrollees. These numbers speak to the increasing need of companies to identify more efficient ways to control costs and expenses related to employee health insurance benefits programs, while at the same time providing employees with more flexible and customized coverage options. These companies are great candidates for health reimbursement arrangement (HRA) plans. HRAs are affordable solutions that are not insurance, but rather a way for employers to assist their employees with paying for their health coverage premiums. Employers set a defined amount of money to reimburse health insurance premiums for the individual health plan that employees choose while maintaining the same tax-favored status for employer contribution as a traditional group health plan. LIG Solutions, an early adopter and advocate of the HRA approach, offers companies, associations, and membership organizations a robust suite of HRA options to choose from. Learn More: Coin Laundry Association's Exclusive Health Coverage Program Coin Laundry Association's Bob Nieman, editor for PlanetLaundry magazine, interviewed Tim McNichols, LIG's Executive Director of Partnerships, regarding their new exclusive health coverage program and the benefits which are broken down from businesses/groups to families and individuals. He learned that there are different health coverage options available for each, and LIG's licensed agents can guide their members on what will best fit their health situation and lifestyle while keeping in mind their budget. When you go through LIG, the members have access to all plans available through the insurance marketplace. LIG's agents present health coverage solutions and choice to CLA members from national insurance carriers. Hear the Interview and Learn More: Coalition of Twelve Book Industry Associations Launch Official Book Industry Health Insurance Partnership (BIHIP) It was recently announced that a coalition of twelve book industry associations launched the official Book Industry Health Insurance Partnership (BIHIP), an alliance with LIG Solutions designed to provide members from across the twelve associations with a choice of health insurance options. BIHIP was established in April 2018 during a meeting of the Book Industry Study Group's Association Advisory Council (BAAC) to evaluate the feasibility of providing healthcare coverage to the various associations' members. Through this endeavor, BIHIP has demonstrated how cooperation can work across industry associations with significant differences in member profiles. Several BIHIP associations are made up of individual members, while others represent smaller companies. The healthcare options that make sense for individuals are not the same as those that make sense for companies with employees, but BIHIP's partnership with LIG Solutions will serve both. Learn More: BREAKING NEWS LIG Solutions Leads Way ASSOCIATION INSIGHTS 4 LIG ASSOCIATION SOLUTIONS - FALL 2021

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