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Factor: H4M Learn More: Factor: H4M – Lubrication Program Management Level: Management and Training(M) Stage: Lubricant Handling & Application About: Managing a lubrica- tion program with specifically designed software allows tasks to be efficiently moni- tored, scheduled and executed. Paul Farless | Noria Corporation LUBRICANT HANDLING & APPLICATION More about this ASCEND ™ Factor How to Streamline Lubrication Tasks The phrase "lubrication tasks" is a broad term encompassing a vast array of tasks, including inspections, monitoring and relubrication. The number of steps required for each task will vary, and some tasks will take longer than others. This article discusses some common lubrication program inefficiencies and ways to correct them. Additionally, we'll look at some helpful tips you can use to organize and implement tasks, allowing you to schedule and complete them in an efficient, streamlined manner. SIMPLIFY YOUR ROUTING Before you go about tackling the work of lubrication tasks, you should determine the most efficient order in which to complete them. Routing should be approached like a game of baseball: you must go from first base to second; you wouldn't run directly to third base. Similarly, you shouldn't grab your lube cart and go to the machines furthest from the lube room, back to the machines closest to the lube room, and then to the machines in the middle. Developing and optimizing a lube route saves time and increases efficiency. INVEST IN THE RIGHT SOFTWARE Your operations may implement Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS). While these systems track man-hours and system maintenance, they don't accurately track lubrication tasks, typically omitting factors such as the time needed to travel between the lube room and equipment and the time required to gather supplies. Routing software like LubePM does account for this time and adapts lubrication tasks accord- ingly. Once the necessary data, including task times, are entered into LubePM, the software accurately estimates the number of man-hours required. Understanding the time requirements for each task helps you better plan your approach to lubrication. 16 | July - August 2021 | www .

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