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17 caregiver focus august 2021 | cannabis patient care ical cannabis families. Eventually, Paige and her good friend Heather Jackson got together and created a 501c organization called the Realm of Caring (RoC). The RoC became a great re- source for themselves as well as countless other families. The RoC started as a patient advocate support group that could mentor and help people understand the best ways, the best ratios, and the best practices to provide that efficacious treatment. Today, RoC's mission is to "improve lives through research, education, and community" (8). According to their website, the RoC helps to fund and conduct research to "learn more about cannabis and its effects while legitimizing the therapy." The nonprofit is also involved in education efforts and community outreach. On April 7, 2021, the RoC held a benefit concert in honor of Charlotte called "Rock the RoC" (9). Matt explained that Heath- er Jackson spearheaded Rock the RoC and made this amaz- ing event happen on the anniversary of his daughter's death. " The idea was that we wanted to have a proper funeral ser- vice for Charlotte, but good luck doing that in these times of pandemic-filled COVID-19 restrictions, so we kept waiting a few months and waiting, but nothing changed," he said. "Then Heather, just being the angel that she is, suggested this event. So, on the anniversary of her passing, we chose to have this online celebration of her life. This is the first annual Rock the RoC. Hopefully, there'll be many to come." Governor Jared Polis of Colorado even made April 7 th Char- lotte Figi Day in a proclamation that went before the House of Representatives. Matt stated that in Colorado, from here forth, Rock the RoC will be held on Charlotte Figi Day. The concert included many notable artists such as Jason Mraz, Graham Nash, Glenn Phillips, The Avett Brothers, and many more. "It's a fascinating watch because it's kind of like a music concert, but it's constantly interspersed and interlaced with comments from people such as Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Heath- er, Paige, me, Joel Stanley, and many others involved with the RoC or friends of Charlotte's," said Matt. "We all gave our comments about this journey and what we've learned from our trials and tribulations," said Matt. "I'm so incredibly thankful for everyone's efforts in that regard be- cause it finally gave us the closure we needed and provided us the avenue to have a proper ceremony for Charlotte. Now, even better, it's going to be a yearly event. I hope it grows because we don't want Charlotte's impact on the world—her shining light—to be diminished, we want it to grow. We want this move- ment to grow. We want education and awareness to grow." Rock the RoC is available to listen to on demand at: Charlotte's Legacy It is clear to see that Charlotte Figi and her family—Matt, Paige, Max, Chase, Greg, and Aspen—have played a major role, if not the biggest, in normalizing CBD and medical cannabis use. Matt said that is the most obvious thing she will be remem- bered for. "She is the single largest ambassador and a symbol for the success of CBD and it's efficacious treatment for many things, especially epilepsy," he said. But in the words only a parent could share—there is so much more to remember about her. "Between you and me—and I guess between you, me, and the world—there's just one single fact about Char- lotte that only the people that truly spent time with her, in her presence, knew: there was just no one better in the world at making you be present. Drop your phone, put it away. Look me in the eye and spend some time with me. Right here, right now, be present. Man, nobody did that better than Charlotte." In honor of Charlotte, let's all be more present with each other and remember this brave girl and her family that have done so much to share their CBD knowledge and experiences to help others. References (1) child-medical-marijuana/index.html. (2) dravet-syndrome#:~:text=Dravet%20syndrome%20is%20a%20 rare,to%20severe%20SCN1A%20gene%20mutations. (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) We don't want Charlotte's impact on the world—her shining light—to be diminished, we want it to grow.

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