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A Grower's Perspective on Dendrometers Sal Parra, Jr. feels like he has a finger on the pulse of his almond trees, thanks to the strategic placement of dendrometers throughout his orchard blocks. Parra's adoption of dendrometer technology began with a trial on 40 acres and now spans over 2,800 acres of almonds. Windrow sampling is part of an integrated pest management (IPM) model of continual improvement and two often overlooked components, evaluation and adaptation, can be added to post harvest activities. A small, specialized group of professionals that neutralize issues before they become a big problem – often before anyone knows the wiser. The definition sounds more like it's describing a military unit than the Global, Technical and Regulatory Affairs (GTRA) team at the Almond Board of California. Evaluating Management Programs Via Harvest Sampling How the GTRA Team and TRAC Committee Keep Almonds in the Race HOW WE GROW SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2021 | ISSUE 17 Cleaning Robots: Out of Your Home and Into Your Orchard A new robot is being developed to autonomously move through an orchard, identify mummy nuts and remove them from the tree. Early trials have caught the attention of several in the almond industry. Page 5 Page 2 Page 7 Page 11

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