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Skin Health and Beauty Research Proves Popular in Foreign Markets Since the first study looking at almonds' impact on LDL cholesterol levels was published in 1992, almonds' evidence-based health/nutrition story has been a cornerstone of Almond Board of California's (ABC) marketing programs. ABC's initial investment in research investigating the heart health benefits of almonds became the foundation of the health/nutrition messaging in our public relations and marketing efforts and gave consumers reason to believe that almonds could be more than just a favorite snack. Fast forward to 2021 and ABC has a reputable nutrition research program with a growing body of research supporting numerous benefits beyond cardiovascular health. The Nutrition Research Committee is using scientific advancements to expand our understanding of almonds' contributions to many other areas of health that are important to consumers around the world. New research – including promising new skin studies from UCLA and UC Davis – continue to fuel the good news about almonds, adding to the growing list of reasons consumers around the world are making almonds a part of their diets. Consumers around the world are looking for more natural approaches to support skin health and the line between wellness and beauty is blurring with a growing array of dietary supplements targeted to support healthy skin, hair and nails. 1 According to ABC's 2020 Global Perceptions survey, which included 1000 adults in each of 10 global markets, consumers in many of our marketing regions already associate almonds with beauty. What's more, across the board, skin health and beauty get the highest marks for strategic alignment and media potential by our in-market Global Market Development staff. Though it resonates in all markets, the beauty angle is especially key in China, Japan, South Korea and India. The Jan/Feb 2020 edition of How We Grow featured Dr. Sivamani's pilot study, ABC's first significant investment into the area of skin health and beauty. This pilot trial conducted by Sivamani's team at the University of California, Davis, looked at the impact of daily almond snacking on measures of facial wrinkle width and severity in postmenopausal women. The study was the first of its kind to examine almonds' effects on skin health, and the promising results inspired two additional clinical trials and sparked media interest around the world. The pilot trial represented a novel area of research that appealed to a completely new segment. For the first time, regional media teams had news that would appeal to beauty media and influencers. Regional teams harnessed the opportunity and sent beauty-inspired mailers to introduce beauty editors and influencers to the promising connection between almonds and skin health. The US team conducted a satellite media tour with registered dietitian Kerry Gans and reached dermatologists for the first time, distributing a mailer through the American Academy of Dermatology. They also reached registered dietitians through a webinar late last summer featuring Sivamani and his pilot research, laying the groundwork for future skin research. In Germany, outreach resulted in over 100 publications, including 50 pieces of influencer coverage from their Snack & Glow influencer activation. In Mexico, ABC partnered with to reach dermatologists and other health professionals with the news and delivered almond kits to beauty media and influencers. The team in China held a skin expert event and highlighted the study again as part of their Chinese New Year press release. The study was a perfect fit for the Almond Board's new advertising campaign in China, which launched in November 2019, expressing the beauty benefits of almonds by depicting them as being the "Magical Hands" that support females in their effort to achieve more radiant skin. AROUND THE WORLD 1 15 Trends Changing The Face Of The Beauty Industry In 2020 | CB Insights Research US paid advertising campaign with Facebook, Instagram, Pandora, Accuweather and CBS. 15

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