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By the end of last summer, outreach around the Sivamani pilot study had garnered 168 million media impressions. That number represented about 50 percent of the nutrition research coverage for the crop year and exceeded total impressions earned in the previous crop year for all nutrition research related outreach. In the US alone, the study earned 48.2 million impressions from traditional media. After distribution of the initial press release, the US team extended the reach of the study via a paid digital Natural Beauty advertising campaign – reaching Facebook, Instagram, Accuweather, Pandora and CBS – that resulted in an additional 62.2 million impressions. As of the end of March, outreach around the Sivamani pilot study had garnered a total of over 180 million media impressions. The phenomenal coverage around Sivamani's pilot study highlights that beauty is a key area of differentiation for almonds and a hot topic for media coverage globally – which bodes well for the two additional studies published in early 2021, one from UC Davis and one from UCLA. As mentioned, promising results from the pilot trial inspired a larger and longer-term follow-up study with Sivmani's research team at UC Davis. The follow-up study included a larger group of postmenopausal women and was lengthened from 16 to 24 weeks. In addition to assessing measures of wrinkle severity, the team assessed changes in skin pigmentation and microbiome. (Microbiome results slated to be published separately.) The second study expanded ABC's skin research to include Asian skin types and was conducted by Dr. Zhaoping Li at UCLA. The study included Asian women and investigated the effects of daily almond snacking on the skin's susceptibility to photoaging (skin damage caused by exposure to the sun). Promotion of Li's UVB study is being timed regionally, as many of ABC's markets chose to time outreach activities with the onset of summer with warmer weather and a larger consumer focus on skin protection. Outreach activities are ongoing in every region to communicate the results of these new skin studies. In India, the team is working with local nutritionists and dermatologists to communicate the study results. Ancient medicinal practices in India (Ayurveda) that promote the use of almonds for skin health were the initial inspiration for ABC's decision to invest in skin research and both studies will help cement existing traditional beliefs in India around the beauty benefits of almonds. Germany's beauty mini campaign, which began in April, highlighted both studies and focused on beauty from within – with sun protection as an important component. Italy shared the study results in an Almond Academy webinar in April organized with Italy's professional association for dietitians (ASAND). The US team exhibited at the virtual annual meeting of the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) and is planning another round of consumer advertising based on the previous Natural Beauty campaign. Both new studies are highly relevant in Japan and South Korea and will be leveraged to strengthen the current beauty campaigns in both countries – "Beautiful Life with Almonds" in Japan and "Make your day beauty-full with 23 almonds" in South Korea. Global outreach for Sivamani's follow-up study began on March 17 with coordinated distribution of a press release in every market. Just over a month later (end of Q3) the release had already resulted in nearly 80 million traditional media impressions. As of June 30, impressions for Li's UVB study had already exceeded 90 million and outreach continues with regional activities to promote both of these important studies. The team in China reports increased coverage from beauty and fashion media, which indicates a rising awareness of and trust in almond-related skin research. The body of skin/beauty-related research is growing and the Global Market Development team is bringing it to light in our markets around the world. Advertorial created for Sivamani study outreach in Germany. Tool created by ABC to educate health professionals about the connection between almond nutrition and skin health, featuring the Sivamani skin research. Almond Board of California 16

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