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October 2021

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RETAILOBSERVER.COM OCTOBER 2021 62 E very business has an image that they display to the public. What kind of first impression do your customers, your employees, your peers, and your business partners see when they work with your company? What's their lasting impression after the service is finished? Let's hope it's a very positive one, as we don't often get a second chance. Let's take a minute to think about the ugliest trucks you've seen, the worst websites, the sloppiest technicians (and their shoes). Now think of the same things others are doing that have impressed you the most. There were lots of things I neglected back when I was starting and "I didn't know what I didn't know." Improving these things is a process that takes time and experience, and something we can all do, with a little work. It's important to stand back from time to time and look at everything your business does and the appearance it projects. Start with your website and social media as a high priority, since those are often the first introduction to your company, and most of us don't view them every day. Remember, you are projecting an image to everyone who's seeking professional services. Are your service trucks professionally wrapped, lettered and CLEAN? How do your technicians look? These days, customers are expecting a technician to show up looking professional in appearance, in a clean uniform, including shoe covers. Step back and look at yourself objectively, like the public does. I have all my trucks professionally wrapped except for an extra service truck I keep as a backup. I didn't really think about its appearance too often – after all, it was just a spare. But recently one of my grandkids called it a "kidnap van!" and I thought, well, it sort of does look like that! It's easy to overlook details that might be obvious to others. If your company shines, congratulations and well done! It takes a lot of work and time, but it's always worth it when you've gained increased marketing presence and customer satisfaction, and when your employees have a more professional place to work. In these times, employee retention is more important than ever – don't underestimate its value. I have an opportunity for you. There's a contest that all appliance service departments can enter and win great prizes, get fantastic marketing exposure, and show off to their peers and our industry. In the process, I guarantee that you'll improve your company's image and help promote the image of our industry while leading others by your example. The 2022 Most Professional Servicer Contest is now open for entries for the "Best of the Best" service companies in North America. The annual contest is hosted by the United Appliance Servicers Association for the purpose of improving the professional image of our industry. Those service companies that demonstrate a high degree of professional image and a great first impression may enter the contest with a chance to win this prestigious award. Finalists are selected in several company categories by judges chosen from leaders in the appliance service industry. This year, there are four categories you can enter, for 1-2 technician shops, 3-7 technician shops, over 8 technician shops, and a new category for 2022: appliance sales and servicing dealers. The judges will score based on the professional image of your website and social media, work trucks, and technicians. The winners will be voted on by the attendees at the ASTI2022 (Annual Service Training Institute) convention in St. Pete's Beach, Florida from January 16-20, 2022. Winners will be awarded at the ASTI banquet. Go to the United Appliance Servicers Association website at and look for the link to enter. It only takes a few minutes to get started. Complete contest rules and details are on the website as well. The contest is open NOW, so get going and good luck to all. S E R V I C E D E P A R T M E N T Dave Smith, Owner, Dave Smith Appliance Services, LLC Most Professional Servicer Contest Committee, Chair RO THE MOST PROFESSIONAL SERVICER CONTEST IS OPEN WITH A NEW CATEGORY!

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