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20 OctOber 2021 Inhalation An aerosol optical tweezers e Biral AOT-100 (Aerosol Optical Tweezers) enables non-specialists, such as laboratory scientists, students and technical staff, to explore the physical and chem- ical behavior of individual micron-sized droplets with extraordinary precision. Initially, the instrument was predominantly used as a reliable research tool to further the understanding of atmospheric and environmental aerosols. However, advances enable the AOT-100 to be applied to pharmaceutical research. is research looks to resolve the microphysical changes affecting pharmaceutical droplets as they enter the humid envi- ronment of the lung, with the aim of improving the delivery and efficacy of inhalation therapy products. Biral UK: +44 1275 847787 A multi-dose soft mist inhaler Merxin's MRX004 is a multi-dose soft mist inhaler for deep lung deposition and easy use, designed for aqueous and ethanol formulations. It is ideal for new molecules or life cycle management, particularly for those products that would benefit from a reduced dose. e MRX004 can be used with any molecule that would benefit from lung delivery, for local action or systemic delivery, or re-purposing existing mole- cules from nebulizers or pMDIs into a more efficient and green device. Merxin UK: +44 1553 403070 Capsules for pulmonary drug delivery technologies Dry powder inhalers (DPIs) come in many forms: single-dose devices with the drug either pre-dispensed into capsules and blisters or multi-dose devices with a bulk drug reservoir and a measuring instrument. With vast expertise in this field, Qualicaps ® offers a broad portfolio of capsules in gelatin and HPMC especially designed for inhaled drug delivery, with superior aerosolization and puncturing properties, even for very hygroscopic and very moisture- sensitive inhalation formulations. Qualicaps ® Europe, S.A.U. Spain: +34 91 6 63 0 800

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