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36 OctOber 2021 Inhalation omas discussed the study results in an interview with Healio titled, "Studies Underscore Extent of Health reats from Childhood Food Insecurity." She highlighted the need for social support pro- grams, such as the Supplemen- tal Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), sponsored by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Food and Nutrition Ser- vice. "is is clear evidence that food insecurity has wide-rang- ing negative effects on children's health and well- being, and as such, we should make every effort to ensure no child experiences food insecurity," she said. "My immediate recommendation is to expand the generosity of SNAP benefits and to extend SNAP ben- efits to more families in order to reduce food insecurity in children's households." Healio. November 12, 2019. news/pediatrics/20191112/studies- underscore-extent-of-health-threats- from-childhood-food-insecurity. in second grade retained the sig- nal for increased odds of asthma after third and through eighth grades." BMJ Open. February 22, 2019. content/8/11/e021683. Associated. omas, MMC, et al. studied asthma and food inse- curity and further worked to "approximate the causal effects of food insecurity on children's health and health care use out- comes." Nationally representative data from the 2013-2016 waves of the [United States] National Health Interview Study, which included 29,341 participants, were used. In their article, "Food Insecurity and Child Health," the authors found that "household food insecurity was related to sig- nificantly worse general health, some acute and chronic health problems, and worse health care access, including forgone care and heightened emergency depart- ment use, for children." In par- ticular, children in food-insecure households had lifetime asthma diagnoses that were 19.1% higher than those for children in food-se- cure households. Pediatrics. Octo- ber 2019, 144(4) e20190397. content/144/4/e20190397. 8-year-old girl raises $80,000 to fight food insecurity An 8-year-old girl from Wisconsin is raising money to help families facing food insecurity due to COVID-19. Using a virtual lemonade stand, Morgan Marsh-McGlone has sur- passed her original goal of $90 and, between April 2020 and July 2021, raised $80,000. In August 2021, for the first time, she was able to open a live lemonade stand to thank supporters and continue her fundraising efforts. All proceeds go to Little John's Restaurant, a charity-driven, pop-up restaurant that uses excess food from restaurants to provide meals to those affected by food insecurity. For more information: Advertiser index A Astech Projects 7 C Catalent Pharma Solutions Cover 2 Copley Scientific 3 I Inhalation Sciences 8 Intertek 5 K Koura 29 M MSP, a division of TSI 13 Q Qualicaps 9 R RDD 1 Renaissance 31 V Vectura 33 Inhalation Magazine Follow us

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