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6 Pharmaceutical Technology APIs, EXCIPIENTS, AND MANUFACTURING eBOOK 2021 P h a r mTe c h . c o m APIs A pproximately 58% of drug products in development are small molecules, according to a Thermo Fisher article (1). Moreover, a 2021 report by Market Research Future estimates that the small-molecule API market will reach US$279,697.1 million by 2027 (2). This includes both in-house manufac- turing and contract manufacturing. Some of the drivers of this growth, according to the same report, include a "growing demand for newly de- veloped small molecule drugs" and "the changing nature of drugs" (2). But that isn't the only upward prediction for the small-molecule API market. In a report by Data Bridge Market Research, an 8.05% com- pound annual growth rate market growth is predicted from 2021 to 2028, and technological advancement and innovations may lead to prof- itable opportunities for players in the small molecule API market (3). API manufacturing: advantages of working with small molecules With this promising trajectory in mind, it's no surprise that many companies are wondering what some of the potential advan- tages of working with small molecules (vs. large molecules) are in API manufacturing. "One of the advantages is that the majority of small molecules are solid materials that can be crystallized, which is the best and commercially most attractive means of purification. Crystallized solids are also rather stable, meaning most APIs can be stored for two years (or more) at ambi- ent temperatures, which makes storage and logistics much easier," says API Development and Manufacturing: Advantages of Working with Small Molecules Meg Rivers Between dosage form versatility, product stability, lack of storage restrictions or need to refrigerate, and an easier means of purification, small-molecule APIs present an appealing market niche. MONET- STOCK.ADOBE,COM

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