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80 | SIGNATURE MONTANA Golden brown sweet, savory cheese curds. "We are fancy, but not fancy," says Liz Carr, executive chef, and owner. "We wanted to create a space where you can have an upscale dining experience but can still wear your muck boots." eir menu offers local favorites and fancy new dishes, like the Honeyed Cheese Curds. Honeyed Cheese Curds are breaded Wisconsin cheese curds fried until golden brown and drizzled with raw Wolf Creek Honey. "I call it a sweet twist on savory cheese curds," says Liz, "but I guess it depends on who you ask; it could be a savory twist on sweet honey." Liz credits family friend and regular customer Jake Stevenson of Hobson with the menu idea. "Jake is a foodie and had experienced them in a bigger city," she explains. "He told us we needed to add them to the menu because the dish is unique. We tried it, and it did prey well." e local honey makes the dish, says Liz. "We get our honey from Wolf Creek Honey in Stanford (Mont.)," she says. Other locally sourced ingredients and seasonal dishes star in the Tall Boys menu. "We are very proud of our local, certified Angus beef and house- made pork," says Valerie Carr, co-owner. ey even use their garden-grown vegetables when available. is year, they had an ample supply of garden-grown tomatoes. Tall Boys Tavern Executive Chef and Owner Liz Carr, who has a degree in sustainable food and bioenergy systems from Montana State University, prides herself on using locally sourced ingredients in her upscale, delicious dishes. Cheese curds – Honeyed Cheese Curds, crispy golden brown fried Wisconsin cheese curds drizzled with raw Wolf Creek Honey, are a unique, sweet twist on a savory favorite served at Tall Boys Tavern. Photo Courtsy of Alex Loose

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