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Dogs Recovering Post Surgery: • Keep your dog's mind stimulated- Food puzzles don't require too much movement. Try stuffing a Kong or using an interactive toy. • If your dog has to be crated, try moving the crate to different parts of the house every few days to keep him from geing bored. • Physical therapy- Once your vet gives you the approval for limited activity, hydrotherapy is one of the best forms of rehabilitation. It helps reduce swelling, and pooling of fluid in the body, improves muscle mass, strength, and range of motion. • Walk your dog up and down the driveway for 10 minutes using a non-retractable leash. Walking can help improve your dog's range of motion, promote his normal movement, and improve strength and muscle mass. Talk to your veterinarian about finding a suitable rehabilitation facility and method for your dog. THE ROLE OF NUTRITION AND SUPPLEMENTS IN SUPPORTING THE ACTIVE DOG Supplements: Consider giving your dog a bone and joint supplement. Most joint supplements help with joint comfort. However, more advanced supplements will provide support for joint flexibility, mobility, and the formation of healthy bone tissue. ey contain antioxidants beneficial for active dogs who experience oxidative stress (an abundance of free radicals). Antioxidants help minimize oxidative damage to cells during intense activity and recovery. Nutritional Needs for Active Dogs: A more active dog has different nutritional needs than a sedentary dog. To accommodate these needs increase the amount of food you give your dog or switch them to a higher fat diet. According to e American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to animals, extremely athletic dogs have nutritional needs that are much different from average dogs. eir diet should be discussed with a veterinarian. SIGNATURE MONTANA | 91 Article provided by Best Friends Animal Hospital 1520 9th St. South Great Falls, MT 59405 406-453-2200 S MT

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