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92 | SIGNATURE MONTANA TO YOUR HEALTH TEXT BY BENEFIS HEALTH SYSTEM "Growing up in Helena, I have many fond memories - my family enjoyed everything from skiing at Great Divide to fishing on Hauser and riding horses through the Vigilante Canyon. As an avid outdoorswoman, I still enjoy many of these activities. Helena is unique in its ease of access to the mountains, lakes, and rivers, and without heavy population density. "ere is also a communal investment and continual development in arts and culture. As a young adult, I grew up playing in the Helena Symphony and Night to Your Helena Urgent Care Providers Love Montana as Much as You Do "I've had the pleasure of taking care of patients all over the world from being in the military. What I've found when caring for the great people of Montana is that there is a genuine appreciation for the care you are giving to them. Montanans are generally laid-back people who enjoy asking about your day before they even think about addressing the issues that brought them in to see you." -Chris Jobes, PA Why are you passionate about caring for Montanans? "I was born and raised in Montana, and I've always felt it has an overall "family" feeling. Family is what maers most, so having the opportunity to care for my "family" and live in this beautiful state means the world to me. I'm doing my best to help keep Montanans healthy and get them feeling good again when they're not." -Somer Mazzucola, FNP As a native Montanan, I feel passionate about providing quality medical care to my local community. I think it is extremely important to have convenient and exceptional quality healthcare close to home. Because Montana is a mostly rural state, many people must travel many miles to obtain and access healthcare, and I enjoy providing healthcare service to our local and regional community." -Dylan Powell, PA When you're seeking urgent care, want to know the person offering you solutions is someone you can trust. Your visit might not be long, but you want to feel good about the care you receive. e new Benefis Helena Northeast urgent care clinic is staffed with skilled providers who already share a connection with you. What do you love about Helena? Shine, while my brother worked at the Myrna Loy and now works closely with the Helena Downtown Association to keep our local businesses and arts alive and healthy. "roughout my medical education and training, I was able to experience a variety of different communities, and I'm fortunate to return to the Queen City. e ease of access to public land, waterways, and the arts is intrinsic to the high quality of life for those fortunate to live enough in Helena. Personally, I couldn't imagine living anywhere else." - Emily Morrison, DO

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