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November 2021

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RETAILOBSERVER.COM NOVEMBER 2021 26 multi-purpose roll-up mat, bottom grid and strainer basket. Offered in an array of classic colors including white, matte black, matte grey and biscuit, the sink is eco-friendly, completely lead-free, and comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. HamatUSA makes each fireclay sink by hand in their state-of-the-art facility in Turkey, combining both modern and time-honored fabrication techniques. The proprietary blend of fireclay is carefully shaped with advanced injection molding, then brushed and sponged by hand before being allowed to cure for 48 hours. After glazing, the sinks are fired in a kiln for more than 20 hours at 2200° F. This extreme temperature fuses the fireclay with the glaze to form a finish that is incredibly durable and resistant to chips, cracks and scratches. For more information about the Fireclay Chelsea Workstation sink and other fine products by HamatUSA, visit Quality is Hamat's main focus and commitment. Every step in the manufacturing process takes place in the Hamat factory – from creating the initial castings to final inspection and packaging. Hamat combines the watchful eyes and hands of old-world craftsmanship with the latest in new-world computerized robotics to produce quality faucets with precision and durability. Working with leading international designers to identify and initiate new trends and improve on existing designs, HamatUSA faucets cover the range of design and price points to meet any style and budget – bringing both function and style to users with each faucet produced. Every faucet carries the brand's limited lifetime warranty, so that from sale to installation and throughout use, consumers know that HamatUSA is there to make sure their products provide them with outstanding performance. DYNAMIC MARKETING INC. PROJECTS RECORD-BREAKING SALES FOR 2021 Dynamic Marketing Inc. (DMI), a cooperative buying group for independent home appliance dealers and a member of The Northeast Company (NECO) Alliance, is projecting its most robust gross sales numbers to date for 2021. At the end of August, DMI members had accumulated a 64% increase in gross sales compared with a pre- pandemic year of sales in 2019. DMI estimates gross sales for 2021 will be at a 58% increase compared with 2019 sales for the entire year. All 78 of DMI's active member/dealers in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut experienced this unprecedented growth in fiscal 2021, successfully fulfilling customer orders despite the year's many challenges, said Alan Joskowicz, Director of Operations for DMI, in advance of The NECO Expo Show. "Throughout the pandemic, while small businesses were closing, all of our members not only stayed in business but had unprecedented growth," he said. "Everyone's sales were up, and many stores welcomed new customers because of their ability to source appliances during a challenging time." Joskowicz credits much of DMI's success to its fair, transparent hands-on membership approach. When the pandemic hit, DMI took concrete steps to guide its members through the chaos. For instance, it brought many of its stores together to meet and strategize with vendors. DMI also shifted membership meetings online, ensuring member announcements, suggestions and general cooperative business remained active throughout the pandemic. DMI also assisted members in upgrading their websites and social media, allowing their customers to shop the way they felt most comfortable. During any kind of inventory shortage, national stores tend to push smaller companies to the back of the line, but DMI's advanced open- source technology infrastructure balances the needs of all its members large and small, so consumers can get what they need as quickly as possible. "We're not just a buying group; we're a business partner," says Joskowicz. "We ensure that all our members fairly receive merchandise as needed in times of shortages." In addition, DMI manages all its marketing, inventory and distribution needs internally rather than outsourcing to consultants. That keeps member fees minimal. "Our message is that we're not just here to buy, we're here to warehouse products for our members and provide them robust inventory," says Joskowicz. "We welcome members of all sizes, big and small. Appliances is a hard business to break into, and we want to help all our members grow and be successful." Visit I N D U S T R Y [ N E W S ] RO

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