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cannabis patient care | vol. 2 no. 3 4 contents c a n n a b i s patient c a r e ® | o c t o b e r / n o v e m b e r 2 0 2 1 | v o l 2 • n o 3 DEPA RTM ENTS 06 FROM THE EDITOR Tackling Brea s t C ancer wit h Medic al C annabis MEG AN L'HEUREUX ■ DOC TOR FOCUS 08 Talking with Your Doctor About Medical Cannabis and Breast Cancer DEBBIE CHURGAI D r. Mar i s sa We i s s of fe rs some t ip s and talk ing p oint s to help p at ie nt s star t a conve rsat ion ab out the the rap e ut ic u se of cannabi s for brea st cance r. ■ RE SE A RCH FOCUS 12 Overview of Research on Cannabis for Breast Cancer RUTH FISHER Sc ie nt if ic re search on brea st cance r i s st ill in it s early stage s , but he re we take a look at what we have lear ned ab out cannabi s to t reat brea st cance r thu s far. ■ PATIENT FOCUS 16 Cannabis for Cancer: The Fight to Get Mainstream Medicine Onboard DAVID HODES Brea st cance r s ur v ivor Nicole D i Monda and he r hu sb and , Jaime Brambila , share the ir stor y of life and death dec i s ion s and how the y t ur ned to cannabi s for help. ■ NUR SE FOCUS 20 Taking Matters into Her Own Hands: A Nurse's Journey to Self-Educate on Medical Cannabis Benefits and Risks MEGAN L'HEUREUX Kr i st in L . Wohl schlagel , R N, share s a wealth of infor mat ion on medical cannabi s f rom var iou s p at ie nt s she inte r v ie wed , he r ow n p e rsonal e x p e r ie nce s , and more . ■ PATIENT & NUR SE FOCUS 26 On the Other Side of the Nurse's Station: A Nurse Turned Medical Cannabis Patient MADELINE COLLI Nique P ichette , MSN, R N, i s a t wo -t ime brea st cance r s ur v ivor who share s he r unique jour ne y to f ind healing w ith medical cannabi s and the life- chang ing imp act it had on he r b oth p e rsonally and profe s s ionally. ■ A DVOC AC Y FOCUS 30 Breast Cancer Doctors See the Value of Cannabis for Treatment—But Stop Short of Advocating for it DAVID HODES W hat role can medical cannabi s play in a brea st cance r t reat me nt plan and why are do ctors st ill he s itant to advo cate for it? on the cover: New Africa / 08

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