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Often tied to helping pollinators, cover crops could also improve a producer's soil health. Two Seeds for Bees program participants—a first-time user and a repeat user—share their in-field experiences with cover crops and what they are seeing from the practice already. With active marketing campaigns in 10 countries, there is no shortage of activity to build demand for California almonds. However, that isn't stopping ABC from exploring new market possibilities across the globe. The team at Pomona Farming seeks to maximize efficiency to grow safe, healthy and delicious almonds for consumers around the world, while devoting more attention, planning and logistics to the fate of the coproducts. Benefits Beyond the Hive: Seeds for Bees ® Offers More Building Demand for California Almonds in 2021-22 Pomona Farming Explores Additional Avenues for Hulls and Shells HOW WE GROW NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2021 | ISSUE 18 Irrigating From Space: The Future is Closer Than You Think Of all the almond orchards Zac Ellis manages, one in particular was buzzing with activity this growing season. It was not just with the normal bees and natural pollinators making the rounds, but a team of leading researchers calibrating instruments, flying drones, and preparing for a satellite to pass by overhead. Page 9 Page 3 Page 13 Page 5

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