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Building Demand for California Almonds in 2021-22 Starting in August, ABC's marketing teams around the globe begin executing on plans developed and aligned earlier in the calendar year. With programs across 10 countries, there is no shortage of activity happening across the globe to build demand at any one point in time. Exciting new campaigns and tactics are beginning and will take place throughout the fiscal year. Reaching New Consumers in the U.S. and France To remain relevant to consumers in a market, it's imperative to monitor consumers and adapt with their changing behavior and needs. As the Almond Board considers the most efficient approach to create long-term demand, one key element is to identify the target audience and the most motivating messaging for that group of people to drive demand in a market. Over the last several months, the marketing teams in the U.S. and France have refined their consumer target audience and figured out how almonds fit into their life. For example, in the U.S., ABC has shifted its focus to a new consumer group called "Mindful Millennials." The way these millennials are mindful is they place a higher value on nutrition and overall wellness. The average age of this new group is 33 versus the previous U.S. consumer target average age of 43. They have a suite of tools and rituals they deploy to maintain their personal holistic wellness and are not ruled by a number on a scale, instead measuring their wellness by how they feel day to day. These Mindful Millennials have a general understanding that almonds are healthy, but they don't know all the good things almonds offer, and are often times overwhelmed by so many options. These target audience shifts and new insights impact everything ABC does in a market to remain relevant. As a result, ABC marketing will show up in new places via new tools to reach the largest amount of people in the most efficient and effective way. This will come to life with the launch of new advertising campaigns in the U.S. and France. ABC plans to launch new campaigns in both markets in the early winter of 2022. Expanding Digital Advertising in India India continues to be the dominant export market for California almonds. With per capita consumption of less than 1 pound along with a rising middle class, there is tremendous potential in this market. Strategically, Almond Board programs in India have reinforced traditional usage such as family consumption and gifting during Diwali to drive further growth. And in more recent years, ABC has started to also educate consumers in the market on health benefits which are lesser known in India. This approach has proven successful to keep almonds top of mind and drive volume. ABC has delivered these messages to consumers through TV and print advertising, along with traditional public relations, as these tactics can reach the broadest audience in this large market. However, ABC has added digital advertising into the current plans for more targeted messages. Last year, the Almond Board launched a "beauty from the inside out" program targeting affluent women between the ages of 18 and 24 by serving them digital video ads on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. ABC is focused on strengthening this beauty-focused digital program by adding in social media influencers. Also coming this year, ABC will launch another arm of digital activity by leveraging social media to educate younger adults on the benefits of snacking on almonds. AROUND THE WORLD Fun Facts: ABC's New U.S. Consumer Target "Mindful Millennials" Recognize how food affects how they feel Shop online Enjoy being on social media Stream TV and radio Understand a lot goes into happiness, including a balance between work, family and friends 5

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