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December 2021

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DECEMBER 2021 RETAILOBSERVER.COM 37 HONORABLE MENTION - OMNIA: L.D 12943 SMART DEADBOLT LOCKSET OMNIA partnered with Level to offer smart deadbolt locksets, including the L.D 12943, featuring iconic door hardware designs crafted in the Italian tradition powered by the Level Bolt, the first and only invisible smart lock. With technology thoughtfully hidden inside the door, the beauty of the modern hardware trim on the L.D 12943 is showcased. Level Bolt is powered by one CR2 lithium battery and works with the Level app to provide safe and secure keyless entry, and is available for iOS and Android. Automatically lock and unlock a door, see who's come and gone, access from anywhere, use with other devices, control with voice, create home automations, and more. Works with Apple HomeKit, Ring and Alexa. CABINET HARDWARE PRODUCT OF THE YEAR WATERSTONE FAUCETS: INDUSTRIAL APPLIANCE PULLS Waterstone Faucets owner Chris Kuran went to the Naval Academy and is obsessed with everything Nautical and most things Industrial. This cabinet hardware and appliance pull collection was inspired by the Industrial Contemporary bath collection that will be their first introduction into bath. Waterstone took into consideration the feel of the pull in the hand and made it a more oval shape for comfort without knurling the pull on the underside, for a smooth feel. They took into account which pieces can be plated separately for flawless split-finish designs. The diamond knurling will sparkle in a shiny finish. This product is made of US solid brass bar stock. Nothing is cast, it is all machined. HONORABLE MENTION - TURNSTYLE DESIGNS: HICKORY Inspired by North American hunting knives, the Hickory lever, pull handle and cabinet knob are each hand cast in Turnstyle Designs unique Amalfine™ material which preserves the fine details of the timber and wood grain design. Available in 48 combinations of Amalfine™ and solid brass, the style of the lever, pull handle and cabinet knob are set on a solid brass plate or strip and have a circular button. The circular buttons are a take on a nail, creating a beautiful contrast between the smooth brass finish and the textured Amalfine™ surface. TECHNOLOGY PRODUCT OF THE YEAR AIRMADA DRYING SOLUTIONS: AIRMADA SHOWER DRYING SOLUTION The patented Airmada Shower Drying System solves moisture problem issues in the bathroom. The Airmada Shower Drying System prevents mold, mildew, slippery floors and after-shower humidity, and reduces watermarks and the need to use harsh cleaning chemicals. With the push of a button, air flows into the space from Air-Jet nozzles installed into the walls and ceiling. This system can also be used in wet rooms, steam rooms, steam showers, dog baths and other wet areas of the home. HONORABLE MENTION - THERMASOL: HYDROVIVE The HydroVive Rainhead combines the latest sound, light and water technologies to deliver a multi-sensory shower experience, HydroVive pairs seamlessly with ThermaSol's Smart Shower Valve and ThermaTouch interface. HydroVive has a clean, integrated look. Ceiling-mounted light, sound and rainhead environment system are united in a single self-contained module. The Rainhead shower delivers a gentle falling-water sensation with 300 easy-clean neoprene jets (40-80 PSI, 1.8GPM, Water Jets are 300 CEC Approved). RO

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