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SIGNATURE MONTANA | EDITOR'S LETTER FOLLOW the It 10 | SIGNATURE MONTANA SILENCE... saddens me to realize we live in one of the most shameful periods in the history of journalism. I have questioned the integrity of American journalism for the last few years, but it wasn't until recently that I realized how the mainstream media is demonstrating that there are no depths too deep they will sink to in the race to abandon ethics and professionalism. e truth surfaced when I witnessed a massive group of freedom-seeking Canadian truckers become an international beacon of hope by orchestrating the largest Canadian Convoy for Freedom. is convoy developed in British Columbia in protest against nationwide vaccine mandates imposed by the Trudeau government. Aer months of division from the COVID-19 pandemic that saw Canadian families and communities ripped apart by division and fear on all sides, the trucker's plight spoke to many Canadians. e movement quickly swept across Canada and brought unity to Western Canada and Eastern Canada, French and English Canada, Indigenous, Sikhs – all nationalities, and for the first time in a long while, our neighbors to the north were uniting under a single cause and PEACEFULLY standing up in solidarity and saying enough, no more division! e mainstream media's narrative has and continues to be the most misleading and inaccurate reporting I have ever witnessed… hearsay reporting embellished with convoluted fiction, suggesting those involved in the convoy are violent and dangerous, white supremacists, radicals, and a threat to democracy. is couldn't be further from the truth! I know this because I have Canadian family and friends on the frontlines of the Convoys in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and on Parliament Hill in Oawa, sharing and streaming accurate information of dedicated, focused individuals PEACEFULLY standing unwavering. ey are vaccinated and unvaccinated standing together. Some families have children with them, and they have no intention of reacting negatively to anything going on. But Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and leadership in Oawa are calling the protesters a 'fringe minority' trying, at every turn, to disarm the voice of patriotism, unification, democracy, and freedom; a blatant violation of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms; an integral part of the Canadian constitution. As I write this editorial, the size of the crowd converging in Oawa in sub-zero temperatures, as countless videos show, is easily in the tens of thousands. at doesn't include the thousands of Canadians and U.S. citizens who stood on bridges and lined up alongside highways and border entries. e "fringe" Freedom Convoy headed east to the nation's capital was estimated to be over 46 miles long and a definite world record-seer. at didn't include other convoys feeding into the nation's capital from different directions. Elon Musk tweeted, "It would appear that the so-called 'fringe minority' is actually the government." I have been a journalist for over 30 years. Real journalists question logic, challenge conclusions, and present an objective, fact-based story that fairly and accurately represents both sides of an issue. Many journalists are being muzzled by their corporate flagships and fired if they don't toe its narrative line. Still, independent journalists are willing to fight back for press freedom. e truth is the Freedom Convoy/ movement isn't small. Small is the number of people (32.6% of the popular vote) who actually voted for Trudeau. 1 He was elected by the equivalent of our Electoral College, with the majority of those votes coming from Eastern Canada. It's also worth mentioning that Trudeau's government subsidizes the Mainstream Canadian media to the tune of $600 million per year. 2 Which narrative do you think they will report? Another metric that may shed light on this movement's wider popularity is a GoFundMe campaign that raised over 9 million Canadian dollars for the truckers "Freedom Convoy" in a short period of time. However, the crowdfunding platform shut them down, citing the protest as unpeaceful. 3 I am focusing on Canada because this movement has grown astronomically in numbers and strength in Canada and around the globe. People are tired of mandates and restrictions that seem to be doing more harm than good. Over 17,000 credible scientists, immunologists, virologists, and epidemiologists, many with peer-reviewed medical studies published in reputable medical journals, have come together and signed the Rome Declaration announced at the Global Covid Summit in Rome, Italy, last September. e Rome Declaration recognizes the imminent threat to humanity brought forth by current Covid-19 policies. 4 ese medical experts have been censored and suppressed for nearly two years and are not being paid to voice their opinions. ey are speaking out on behalf of their patients because they took an oath that includes "DO NO HARM" and to be able to prescribe safe and effective treatments for their patients. is is no longer about COVID. rough the CDC's own admission, we know now that the vaccine does not protect or prevent transmission of the virus. Despite being triple vaxed, Trudeau tested positive for COVID, yet he still pushes people to get vaccinated. It hardly needs comment, but clearly, we are being lied to by our media. At the same time, many elected officials and other elitists continue to profit through this never-ending COVID pandemic. Meanwhile, while everyone argues about 'the science,' a One-World order is being designed right under our noses. Check out the United Nations and the World Economic Forum's websites and run a search for the 2030 agenda and the Great Reset. Another perspective to consider on the Great Reset is the World Economic Forum's Cyber Polygon and its simulation of a financial cyber pandemic". 5 It's time to set political divisions aside and think for ourselves. Start asking questions and demanding answers and stop censoring and dismissing anyone, including doctors and scientists, who question any government or public health demand in this endless "emergency." It's time for the experts to sit at the table and openly debate the science so that we, the people, can make fully informed decisions about our health. We deserve beer!

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