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14 | r e d f c u.o r g Do not email any account or personal identification information. Like those last 10 pounds, I am having trouble extricating myself from stubborn debt. I make headway and then fall back into the same old patterns. What can I do? Consider these tips and don't hesitate to talk with a certified credit counselor. • Be accountable. Look at your debt and get the full picture. en take responsibility for it. Don't be an ostrich! • Divide and conquer. After taking an audit of your debt, divide it into two categories: Quick Payoff – ose small debts with a small payoff. Longer Payoff – Larger debts that take longer to pay off. Consider a balance transfer offer with a zero or low interest rate. Just don't forget to pay it off before the interest rate climbs back up. A personal loan may also be a consideration. • Automate your payments. Set up an automatic payment plan for this debt so that you don't forget it. Missed payments will lower your credit score. • Plan ahead. Start saving for the holidays today. We all know that Christmas comes each December; put money away each month so that you are ready! YOU ASK – WE ANSWER! To address other financial questions, call Redstone at 256-722-3796 or email Ways to Chip Away at Stubborn Debt Need a "get out of debt" plan or just need someone to review your credit report with you? Redstone , s accredited financial counselors can help..

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