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April 2022

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at Apple and designer of the Amazon Kindle and the Beats by Dre headphones. These modern collections brought a sleek, minimalist aesthetic to the range hood with groundbreaking engineering. PRESRV ™ WINE & BEVERAGE COOLERS With the introduction of Presrv™ Wine and Beverage Coolers in 2019, Zephyr applied its signature superior craftsmanship to the art of refrigeration, combining high-quality performance with attainable luxury. While Zephyr's venture into beverage refrigeration kicked off a new era for the evolving brand, the company's core values and commitment to quality remained at the heart of the business. "Zephyr has always been on the forefront of innovation in manufacturing and product design," says Luke Siow, Zephyr president. "We saw an opportunity in the market to offer high- quality wine coolers at a more affordable price, while still offering key features found in the higher-end segment of the market." TECHNOLOGY, SMART DESIGN & CLEAN AIR Over the past 25 years, Zephyr has built powerful kitchen ventilation hoods with technology that delivers peace of mind. The Zephyr Connect App allows customers to remotely control their range hoods from anywhere using a mobile device. This changed the way consumers interact with the range hood through voice activation, helpful notifications, and access to customer support. PowerWave™ technology is another example of how Zephyr pushes the boundaries in the ventilation category. Featuring three-phase AC power and aerodynamic blades to help move up to 1,300 CFM with two blowers combined, PowerWave™ is the most powerful dual-internal blower system on the market. "We design our products to provide a more comfortable living space and increased indoor air quality in the kitchen, which leads to a healthier home environment," says Siow. "Special motor blowers, Intuitive Controls, Voice Activation, Enhanced LED Lighting – all of this technology works together to create an extremely effective, powerful kitchen hood." With integrity, resilience, and its adventurous spirit, Zephyr will continue to care about clean air and smart design while delivering inspiring experiences that enhance the quality of life for its customers for the next 25 years and beyond. RO

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