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They're seeking a balanced lifestyle. They're looking for things that don't just give them heart health, but immunity, balance, etc." Mindful Millennials, according to Freeman, think, "I am what I eat. What I eat affects how I feel. I have my own needs and what works for me doesn't necessarily work for others." Almonds provide seven essential nutrients including magnesium, which helps support immunity, and vitamin E, which promotes skin health. Their unique nutrient combination helps position the nut as a valuable part of a Millennial's diet. "We think it's important to tell people new news about almonds they haven't heard before," Freeman explained. The face of the campaign The messenger for the new campaign is Al the Almond, an intentionally humorous character played by actor Michael Jordan, a veteran of improvisational comedy and a student of "Second City" in Chicago. Eight ads were produced for television or social media that range from 6 to 15 seconds. Each ad features Al with a Millennial in various settings – on a bicycle, meditating, laying on a hammock or a chaise lounge and preparing a snack. In each case, Al shares key nutritional facts about almonds that appeal to Millennials. Every ad ends with the tagline, "California almonds: Your friend in wellness." Freeman said the point of the ads is to educate consumers of almond attributes and benefits that they are not aware of, such as magnesium for immunity and Vitamin E for skin health and immunity. "In addition, they are delicious," she said. "And it's crazy that something that packs so much in it could fit anywhere. But almonds fit everywhere. Which is perfect because wellness doesn't stay in one place." Freeman said the Almond Board hired a company experienced in advertising research to test the "Your Friend in Wellness" campaign last fall. More than 1,000 people watched the ads and then answered a battery of questions. "What I can tell you is that the campaign tested in the top 20% of the company's database of all the consumer goods ads they have tested over time," Freeman said. She described Al the Almond as "fun, happy, smiley, positive and silly." His personality is similar to Ted Lasso, the overly positive and friendly character on the Apple TV hit show and the child-like optimism of Will Ferrell in the movie "Elf." "Advertising can be funny and humorous, but it also has to work," Freeman said. "People have to know it's about almonds." The point of the ads are to educate consumers of almond attributes and benefits, such as magnesium for immunity and Vitamin E for skin health and immunity. Al, Your Friend in Wellness The nearest healthy snack I'm your perfect companion for a hike or some yoga in the park. But most of all, I love educating people on the 7 essential vitamin and nutrients almonds have to offer. Blend up a smoothie and I'll tell you about them.

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