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Morton Grove Park District | 6834 Dempster Street | (847) 965-1200 | 30 SUMMER DANCE SHOWCASE CLASSES SUMMER DANCE CLASSES LOC: PVCC Dance Studio MIN/MAX: 5/10 CLASS CODE AGE DAY DATE TIME FEE Teeny Bop Hip Hop 310603-01 3-5 Th 7/14-8/4 4:40-5:15pm R$60/NR $75 Ballet 320614-01 320615-01 5-7 8-11 M Tu 7/11-8/1 7/12-8/2 6:10-6:55 pm 6:10-6:55 pm R $60/NR $75 R $60/NR $75 Hip Hop 320631-01 320632-01 5-7 8-11 Th Th 7/14-8/4 7/14-8/4 5:20-6:05 pm 6:10-6:55 pm R $60/NR $75 R $60/NR $75 Jazz 320642-01 320643-01 5-7 8-11 W W 7/13-8/3 7/13-8/3 4:30-5:15 pm 5:20-6:05 pm R $60/NR $75 R $60/NR $75 Poms Squad 320661-01 6-9 Tu 7/12-8/2 5:20-6:05 pm R $60/NR $75 Teen Lyrical 330619-01 12-18 W 7/13-8/3 6:10-6:55 pm R $60/NR $75 Teen Jazz 330620-01 12-18 M 7/11-8/1 7:00-7:45 pm R $60/NR $75 Teen Ballet 330621-01 12-18 Tu 7/12-8/2 7:00-7:45 pm R $60/NR $75 Teen Hip Hop 330622-01 12-18 Th 7/14-8/4 7:00-7:45 pm R $60/NR $75 TEEN LYRICAL combines elements of ballet, jazz, and modern to create a style that emphasizes the storytelling quality of music. Dancers will learn exercises and combinations that build strength, control, and fl uidity. TEEN JAZZ is rooted in the rhythm of jazz music, jazz dance is a true American art form, an exploration of style and presentation. This class encourages a warm-up that develops strength, fl exibility, coordination, and jazz techniques with fun music. TEEN BALLET is a great entry point for the beginning/intermediate dancer. All exercises are combined to improve strength, control, coordination, alignment, and musicality. TEEN HIP HOP is a high-energy class in which students practice skills such as breaking, popping and locking. Class encourages students to develop musicality and artistry. BALLET Students will develop knowledge of and practice with ballet terminology, body alignment, coordination, and fl exibility. HIP HOP is a high-energy class that introduces students to fundamentals including breaking, popping, and locking. JAZZ is a fun and energetic style of dance. Students will cover the basics of jazz with an emphasis on technique and terminology within a creative and supportive environment. Leap, spin, jump and kick with style! POMS SQUAD class blends sharp movements with jazz and hip hop technique. Through high energy movement, dancers will create visual eff ects with poms and have fun with their friends! SUMMER DANCE CLASS DESCRIPTIONS Ages 5-18 Summer Session I: Shake Up Summer! In our fi rst session, dancers are invited to participate in our dance camps and skills workshops. Summer is a time to shake things up by trying new styles, learning fun dance skills, and meeting new friends! Fantasy Land Afternoon Dance Camps Ages 6-8 LOC: PVCC Dance Studio MIN/MAX: 6/12 FEE: R $14/NR $18 per camp TIE DYE DANCE PARTY! Dances will enjoy groovy tunes in this fund and high energy Jazz and Hip Hop Dance Camp. Wear your tie dye! CODE DAY DATE TIME 320605-01 Tu 6/14 5:00-6:00 pm 320605-02 Th 6/16 5:00-6:00 pm 320605-03 Th 6/23 5:00-6:00 pm MYTHICAL CREATURES Unicorns, Narwhals, Fairies and Gnomes! Enter a fantastical world as dancers enjoy Ballet, Jazz and Lyrical technique class. CODE DAY DATE TIME 320606-01 M 6/20 5:15-6:15 pm 320606-02 W 6/22 5:15-6:15 pm TWIRLING TROLLS! Hair UP! Dancers will join Troll friends Poppy and Branch as we explore Jazz, Tap and Hip Hop techniques while dancing to songs from the movie. CODE DAY DATE TIME 320607-01 Tu 6/28 5:00-6:00 pm 320607-02 Th 6/30 4:45-5:45 pm SWAN LAKE BALLET ADVENTURE Students will begin with ballet technique, participate in storytelling, create their own swan headpiece and learn classical ballet choreography from Swan Lake. CODE DAY DATE TIME 320608-01 W 6/29 5:00-6:00 pm Summer Session II: Brush UP! Summer During this second summer session, dancers are invited to attend weekly technique classes with the purpose of brushing up on dance vocabulary, refi ning technical skills, and rehearsing choreography that will be performed at our annual Summer Showcase on August 10 at Harrer Park Shelter. SHAKE UP AND BRUSH UP SUMMER! Session I: June 13-July 8 Session II: July 11-August 5 BITTY BALLET Ages 3.5-5 This class is for early childhood dancers who will experience the basics of ballet while meeting new friends! Dancers will leap, twirl, and spin in an imaginative environment with props and music and movement games. Dance class attire is leotard, tights and ballet shoes. Dancers attend without parent. CODE DAY DATE TIME FEE MIN/MAX LOC 310605-01 M 6/13-6/27 4:30-5:00 pm R $36/NR $45 6/10 PVCC Dance Studio 310606-01 M 7/11-8/1 5:20-6:05 pm R $60/NR $75 6/10 PVCC Dance Studio 310606-02 Tu 7/12-8/2 4:30-5:15 pm R $60/NR $75 6/10 PVCC Dance Studio

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